Self-Confidence, Personal Marketing and Owning Your Sales Process with Jamie Shibley

Running your own business takes hard work and a lot of self-confidence. How much do you believe in your idea? Do you believe it is worth sharing with the world? What if I told you that belief could be the very fuel you need to double your sales? Excellent, I think you are ready for the very cool and amazing guest I have lined up for you today.

Jamie Shibley with us today. Jamie is the owner of Cardcierge, a service that makes it easy for business owners to follow up with clients and leads. Jamie is passionate about personal marketing, but her business used to look very different. After completing some coaching and workshops with us, Jamie rebranded her card business as a way for businesses to follow up with their follow up! What is the secret to her smashing success? Jamie has worked her butt off, owned who she is, and owned her worth. What’s even more amazing than Jamie’s success is that her clients are also seeing results, thanks to Cardcierge’s services.

Jamie has stepped up to the challenge of running her business, and she wants you to as well. Listen to find out the amazing resource that Jamie has to offer, as well as all of her wisdom and anecdotes. This is certainly an episode you do not want to miss!