How Working Your Numbers Can Help You DOUBLE Your Sales THIS MONTH

I’ve noticed something in all the years I’ve worked with businesses and sales professionals. In a new business, business owners can unintentionally assume that 100% of their success depends on them being perfect.

As in, they think they need to look right, say everything right, and shine their impeccable personality. And only then, their business will grow. It’s ALL on their spotless reputation and performance.

Doesn’t that sound exhausting? That’s a lot of pressure!

Pressure to be perfect.
Pressure to act a certain way.
Pressure to perform in your sales to a certain level.
Pressure to have it all together every moment of every day.

Now, is that realistic? Of course it’s not! Sales is NOT a personality contest where the winner gets the most sales!

Consider this: I’ve never met anyone who has been successful in sales who said, “I just did everything perfect and it all worked out!”

Isn’t that a relief?

Here is the reality: Sales is simply an operating system. It’s a numbers game! All you need to do to be successful in sales is work the numbers!

For instance, If your goal is to make 10 sales per month, and you know that 50% of your sales presentations result in a sale, how many appointments will you need? 20!

It’s just simple math!

Furthermore, realizing this takes the pressure off if your sales presentation results in a no. Because it just means that they are simply a part of the other 50%! Your “YES” is coming – you just need to keep working the numbers!

So if you’re just running an operating system, what is the point of honing sales skills?

Good question! You’ll double and triple your sales by doing things like working with your target clients, being intentional in your sales conversations, changing your limiting beliefs, and so on.

Those skills help to increase your rates of “Yes!”

So relax! You do NOT need to be perfect every day when you show up! You just need TO SHOW UP!

My last podcast was with the amazing Brian Hughes, and this is just one of many pieces of wisdom that he shared with me in our interview. He says that when he realized that sales was simply an operating system, it became easier for him – the pressure was off! He was simply working the operating system – and his sales skyrocketed! You do not want to miss this show!

So it’s NOT all on you! Just show up and work the numbers. And you know what? Even THAT doesn’t need to be done perfectly.