How To Take Control And Create Momentum In Your Business

We all start a business with a lot of motivation, right? The ideas are flowing, excitement is feeding our energy, and we burst into the business world ready to take it on. Momentum is strong and we’re off to a good start.

Those of us in business are all too familiar with this phenomenon – and how we feel when it’s over.

Take heart – if you’ve started a business and have rather left the honeymoon phase of it, you’re normal. The reality is that feelings can only take us so far! Business takes personal growth, grit, consistency, work, and determination to succeed – not just a great supply of motivational feelings.

Furthermore, as the business owner, the buck stops with you. Nobody is responsible for creating momentum and morale in your business except for you. And I admit – that can feel burdensome and near impossible sometimes! However, trust the process and know that the next step will always show up.

So how do you create momentum again once things have slowed? Conversely, how do you maintain momentum when you’re already on a roll? Here are 4 habits you can form to start and maintain momentum in your business:

  1. Do SOMETHING. Anything. And it’s important to know that you won’t always feel like doing it. But do it anyways. When you start with something, the ball gets rolling. Then, the next task becomes easier. Which makes the next one easier.

    The key is taking that first step – even when it feels like a chore. Remember: Success is created in the moments when you really don’t want to do it.

  2. Create a to do list. Write it down. The part of the brain that is used when pen is put to paper is different from the part of the brain that we use when listing things electronically. Electronic tools are helpful – don’t abandon them! But scheduling becomes much more effective when we physically write things down.

    The simple act of writing something down increases your productivity by 25%. So make a habit of writing down what you need to do EVERY DAY. In other words, do NOT try to mentally organize everything.

    See, the brain can hold only 7 pieces of information at a time – and the more it’s asked to do, the less effective it becomes. (It’s why phone numbers are 7 digits!) It’s not even realistic to expect that you’ll be able to remember and organize everything on your to do list as a business owner!

  3. Start your day right. Remember the 80/20 rule? In case you’re not familiar, the 80/20 rule simply states that 20% of the causes create 80% of the effects.

    It applies to just about everything in life – and it also applies to the time spent in our day.

    Here’s what I mean: The way you spend the first 20% of your day will determine how the other 80% is going to go. Have you ever heard the phrase, “I got up on the wrong side of the bed today?” It seems that the 80/20 rule is at play here!

    How can you start your day right? See #1! Do something productive! Make your bed, read a little bit, be intentional about getting ready for your day. Reaching for the phone first thing in the morning while laying in bed is awfully tempting – and a great way to start out slow. Start out by moving and that momentum will carry you the rest of the day.

  4. Have an accountability partner. Nobody’s success exists in a vacuum. Everyone needs a good friend: Someone to hold them accountable, to keep them focused on their goals, and to encourage them on those days when they don’t want to do what they feel they should.

    Sometimes it’s okay if they give you a bit of a talking to! Sometimes what you’ll need is a boost of encouragement. Whatever it is, having a few people in your corner to support you along the way is critical to your success.

So where are you at? Do you need to create some momentum in your sales and business? Good! Now you know how! It takes more mental effort to start creating momentum than it does to maintain it – so making these habits an intentional part of your day or week will help you tremendously along the way.