How to Sell Your High Ticket Offer Over the Phone with Chad McCall


On the Double Your Sales Now podcast, I teach you how to double, triple, and quadruple your sales in a short amount of time — so you can do the same! In this episode, you'll learn how to sell your high ticket offer over the phone with Chad McCall. 


Phone calls have made a comeback in the pandemic. How can businesses take advantage of this opportunity to gain clients through phone sales effectively? Don't let your telephone phobia and limiting beliefs hold you back. 


I guarantee you that this is a binge-worthy podcast filled with real-life strategies that work! Chad is passionate about driving innovative business strategies from ideation to execution. His long history of substantial contributions focused on sales and marketing resources will show you how to GET RESULTS FAST! He has personally sold over 9 figures over the phone.


Here are the key areas we covered in this episode: 


  • The TOP 3 secrets to effective telesales RIGHT NOW! Find out if you should be on the telephone or the computer using video on Zoom.
  • How to ATTRACT high ticket clients and SELL high ticket programs so you may reach your goals faster this year than only offering entry-level product offers. 
  • The importance of credibility in sales — find out what you need to do differently when the customer knows little about you or your company.
  • How building a community on Facebook can dramatically reduce the number of touchpoints needed to make a sale.
  • The 8 points of contact that are critical in telesales and marketing to drive massive results. What steps you need to take next to demand attention and interest back to your brand.
  • The keys to successful selling over the phone (for the first-time sales rep!) Find out how the language you use impacts your phone call's outcome.
  • If you are not comfortable using the phone or cold calling, learn WHY right now is the BEST TIME to start. You can't afford not to use this strategy…


If you're interested in learning from a nationally recognized speaker with 20 years of experience transforming the way companies engage with their markets, their clients, and their employees, apply for an opportunity for Chad to teach you how to maintain, pivot and accelerate your growth with telesales in today’s economy: (Limited to 10 people)


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