How To Sell In Uncertain Times

Never in our lifetimes have we seen anything even close to what is happening in our country right now. Businesses are closed, millions of people are forcibly put out of work, the government passed a $2 trillion stimulus bill, and many families are wondering how they are going to pay for basic living essentials. This is unprecedented in history. Suffice to say people are feeling very nervous about what the future looks like.

Not surprisingly, some of the hardest hit by this turn of events are entrepreneurs.

During this uncertain time, it’s hard to know what to say and what to do first—especially when it comes to selling. If you are feeling unsure of how to sell during a time like this, you are not alone. We are charting new waters together and things are changing literally every day. It can certainly feel overwhelming to keep selling at a time like this, and you might feel like stopping.

And yet, it may be difficult to see, but this is also a time that is ripe with opportunity. Napoleon Hill was quoted as saying, "Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit." It’s up to us to identify that seed - and plant it.

Consider this: We have opportunities to take the extra time that’s been given to us and utilize it for our benefit. We have an opportunity to connect with many people in unique ways (all of them virtual!) that we wouldn’t otherwise connect with. People currently have a lot of time on their hands, so the time is NOW to connect!

How else can we see the silver lining and take advantage of the unique opportunities in our paths during a time like this?

Start by reframing your limiting beliefs RIGHT NOW and find some immediate relief.

Regarding Covid-19 - what is the number one limiting belief that is impacting your business right now? For example, you may be thinking, “I thought this was going to be my best year yet and now I’m wondering if I can even keep my doors open.”

What are 3 things that might NOT be true about this limiting belief? This may feel tougher to do during a time like this. But you CAN find 3 things that are inaccurate about those limiting beliefs! For example, you can replace that limiting belief with, “This is not going to last all year long. Once we are out of this thing, I will be rejuvenated and ready to start fresh, and I will STILL have my best year of sales.”

Reach out to your clients and prospects right now.

Even if you are just checking in, it’s okay to reach out and see how they are doing. The truth is that people need to be heard right now. Give them time to vent and share the challenges that they might be having. This is a wonderful opportunity to genuinely care for and support your clients in a way that you wouldn’t otherwise do. It fosters the connection between you during this time. Then, put another time on the calendar to connect in a few weeks. Keep supporting them in this way—they will really appreciate it!

One of our clients makes regular cold calls and she said that people are not only taking her calls more frequently, they are staying on the phone and happy to connect with her which is leading to more business. Who knew that could be a possibility during a time like this.

Continue to study up on success and prepare for the future.

This is a perfect opportunity to accept the break you may be on and put some intentional effort into your thoughts. Read a book about successful people, journal, meditate, and work on identifying your limiting beliefs. Replace them and develop a plan for yourself and your business after this is all over. Visualize where you want to be with your business. What is your strategy after the quarantine is over? NOW is a great time to change your thinking! If you didn’t have the time before, chances are you do now!

And then, go deeper. Think back to the last time you were dreaming about your business. Were you dreaming that things could be different? Maybe you were even wishing your business could be more virtual? This is your chance to innovate. Every single one of our coaching clients is working on what they are going to innovate first, second, etc. You can do this, too! Take advantage of this time to create a business that you actually love.

Hang in there. This will be over soon enough. And when it is, you will be grateful that you spent this time making use of it in the best ways possible. #keepgoing