How to Sell Anything: The Actionable Strategies Used by Top Businesses Right Now with Tena Pettis

“We need everyone to show up powerfully, lead in their industry, and keep moving forward.” 

— Ursula Mentjes (19:35-19:40)


Are you wondering how sales have changed during COVID-19? There's no doubt that market conditions continuously vary, making it challenging to escape its ripple effects. There's a great deal of uncertainty right now, and my heart hurts for those businesses that had mandatory shutdowns. But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. But be encouraged. Because many of my clients are having their BEST YEARS IN BUSINESS RIGHT NOW.


What's the new normal that we need to adapt to stay on top of the game and weather the storm? This week, I talked with Tena Pettis about the actionable strategies used by top businesses right now! You do not want to miss this show!


Part One of ‘How to Sell Anything: The Actionable Strategies Used by Top Businesses Right Now with Tena Pettis’


Meet Tena! After ten years of running and owning multiple businesses and managing a couple dozen employees, she found herself ready to ditch it all to work from home alongside her husband and three kids. Most days, she can often be found at the hockey rink (yes, even in the summer), the local coffee shop, or cozied up in her home office on a Zoom meeting. Tena is a truth-seeker, essential oil dealer and lover of deep, quality conversations.


Tena thrives on relationships and connections. Her essential oil business is designed to be event-based, where sessions are usually held in person. You can imagine it gives people a more memorable experience by actually seeing the oil products in person.   


Due to COVID-19, she had to bring her entire business online, which turned out to be an emotional transition. She had moments of grief when her flight to Arizona was canceled. She was supposed to meet up with the top leaders on her team, and she could have met thousands of people if her plan went through successfully. But as expected, we all need to adapt to constantly changing market conditions. Since it's her primary source of income, she knew that she needed to pivot quickly.


Personally, I can relate to her; we all do! I had to go through this rollercoaster of self-pity, anger, and grief because we depend on live events. Many of my clients had booked their plane tickets to attend a Sales Camp event, but we had no choice but to cancel some appointments and events. As entrepreneurs, the situation doesn't give us an option, but I had this strong realization that I was made for this! As a sales expert, I've been preparing for this for years. I know how to change your beliefs. 


Part Two of ‘How to Sell Anything: The Actionable Strategies Used by Top Businesses Right Now with Tena Pettis’


Let’s go back to 2009, Tena knew that her job wasn't cutting it for her. With the encouragement of family, friends, and her hubby, she left her job in the corporate world to begin running her own company called TENA.CIOUS. Along the way, she eventually realized, "I want to be passionate about what I'm selling." Can you imagine how that feels? Selling something you're no longer excited to sell? 


Moving forward, this is how she transitioned to becoming a wellness advocate, sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world. Now, she enjoys sharing the world's highest-quality essential oil products—products that have been developed by highly-educated and experienced botanists, chemists, health scientists, and healthcare professionals.


Despite the pandemic, Tena remained committed to leading her team and supporting them. They poured their time into their online classes since most people are stuck at home. She scheduled what she calls, “Key Leader Calls” with every single one of her leaders each week. They received 30-minute strategy calls if they were part-time or, if they were full-time, received 60-minute strategy calls. They talked about three things they were to accomplish each week and three things that they already achieved. What we can learn from her successful direct sales strategy is the importance of intentionally scheduling. If it's not on your calendar, it's not going to happen.


It's a matter of consistently showing up and being bold. Her story is an inspiration for everyone because we need everyone to show up powerfully and lead their industry more than ever. Don't let the news about mandatory shutdown discourage you. Keep going because this season is full of possibilities! 


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