How to Hit 7 Figures Without Selling Your Soul with Jennifer Longmore

“We can use this time to be our servant rather than being a servant to time.” 

— Ursula Mentjes (30:41-30:44)

Remember how you felt when you first launched your business? Somehow along the way, you lost sight of your purpose. You were left wondering how to take your business to the next level. Are you ready to make a huge quantum leap from six figures to seven figures? In this week's episode, Ursula Mentjes, together with her special guest, Jennifer Longmore, talk about how you can hit seven figures without selling your soul.


Part One of ‘How to Hit 7 Figures Without Selling Your Soul with Jennifer Longmore’


Sales are the heartbeat of every business. But if you want to succeed in the sales industry, you must be willing to commit to your purpose and be in service. Then, let that purpose flow into your business. Has your business been operating for many years? What would you have done differently when you start your business? One of the biggest struggles of entrepreneurs is not having back up plans and not being consistent with strategy.


“Surround yourself with people that are thinking bigger than you.” — Ursula Mentjes (32:51-32:56)


Surround yourself with people that are thinking bigger than you. That is always expanding their consciousness. Today, there are many ways to sharpen your potential. Surround yourself with coaches and mentors who can help you smash your limiting beliefs. You cannot ask for people to invest in your business if you don't invest in yourself. Investing in yourself is just like meeting with your inner CEO.


Aside from investing in yourself, if you're always giving to others and never allowing others to help you, then you will slow down client attraction. Your reservoir is empty. You can do all kinds of quick fixes to make yourself feel more energized. You need to be constantly looking to grow. If you can allow yourself to be the student, you offer way more value to your clients. You can set higher-priced packages that serve at a higher level. 


Are you willing to take a stand for your dreams? Are you willing to be a steward for your business? Are you willing to accelerate your results, and have things be easy instead of hard? If yes, you must be willing to venture outside of your comfort zone.


Part Two of ‘How to Hit 7 Figures Without Selling Your Soul with Jennifer Longmore’


Every successful person in the business world has used different tactics. Without a solid business foundation, all the tactics in the world don't matter. If you want to make six figures, you need to fix your relationship with money and focus on how many people you can help because the sales industry is about serving your clients.


“You need core strategies for your business that will always be duplicated regardless of trends and tactics.” —  Ursula Mentjes (34:02-34:42)


Making six figures is easy. It's only because we've decided that money has to be hard, that we have to work hard for our money, and we have to show everyone how hard we work to keep the money. That keeps us in the continuum of hardship. We can't see an opportunity when our brain is wired for things to be hard. If you're always around small thinkers, you're going to see things small. If you're around people that think it has to be difficult to succeed, that's how you’ll perceive it. You need to continually reset your thermometer to vibrate at the level that makes sense on where you want to go.


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Jennifer Longmore, founder of the premier training school for conscious entrepreneurs is a global authority on soul purpose, conscious business and the energy of money.  She is the acclaimed host of The 7 Figure Club podcast, a sought after media personality and speaker, and best selling author. For almost 20 years she has conducted over 30,000 life-changing soul purpose sessions, including the who's-who of actors, professional athletes, CEO's of leading companies, and other influential luminaries, and trained 1000’s of souls in her programs from over 100 countries.


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