How to Get More Sales with Actionable Steps

“There’s no one-size-fits-all sales strategy.” 

— Ursula Mentjes (05:38-05:46)

Businesses want to maximize their profits, but many entrepreneurs struggle to increase sales. How can you take your purchases to the next level? There are specific tips, mindset shifts, tools, and strategies that you need to put into action to double your sales. In this week’s episode, Ursula Mentjes talks about how you can get more deals with actionable steps.

Part One of ‘How to Get More Sales with Actionable Steps’

If you feel like you’re pushing in your business, you’re probably off track. It shouldn’t feel like an uphill battle. Selling shouldn’t feel onerous. But it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be comfortable all the time. Once you’ve set your sales goal for the year, I want you to notice what ideas start to show up regarding how to get there.

“Sales is a phenomenal part of every business out there.” — Ursula Mentjes (14:24-14:33)

There are specific marketing and sales techniques that work for some businesses that might not work for you. But play with different approaches. Notice the ideas that are popping in. Come up with a list of 50 ways to reach your sales goals. That’ll open up the possibilities of what you could be doing to bring in more sales. Once you write that question down, you’ll be surprised at what starts to show up. Identify which ideas stand out for you, and come up with your top five ways to grow your business. Once you have that, you’ll be clear about what you can do next.

Part Two of ‘How to Get More Sales with Actionable Steps’

Strategic partnerships happen over time. It’s about developing a relationship with someone. Not just about one or two referral situations. If you had two to four strong referral partners, other companies, your company could double. If you’re a business owner, you want to find other businesses that share the same target market. When you partner together, you market together. All of a sudden, there’s all this potential, all these potential prospects that are in their business..

“Referral partners can be a profoundly impactful way to grow your business.” — Ursula Mentjes (17:23-17:29)

Another strategy to consider is networking. This may not work for everyone. But it’s a low-cost way to grow your business. You could afford to get out there, and that could be a great way to get started. Do it to help others improve their business and have them help you grow yours too.

Lastly, marketing experts will agree that doing a podcast show is also useful. People can listen to it everywhere. It’s growing faster as a marketing platform than video. Things are happening faster and faster when it comes to technology. It’s a powerful way to connect with possible prospects and clients all over the world. Back in the early years, it was impossible to achieve hosting a podcast as a small business. Only big companies could afford it. Now, we have these conversations all the time. It’s going to keep growing and changing.

How to Get Involved

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