How to Build a for-Profit Business with Purpose

“Know your purpose.” 

— Ursula Mentjes (21:03)

In the last three episodes, we had conversations about the tools you need to triple your sales this year, running successful virtual events, freedom, and other difficult conversations as we continue to deal with the pandemic. In this week's episode, we're going to have another entrepreneurship talk, particularly how you can build a for-profit business with purpose. I'm so excited to share this episode together with a special guest, Char Dobbs!


Part One of ‘How to Build a for-Profit Business with Purpose’


Char is a graduate of the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and formally trained by Judith Rasband, Image Master of Conselle Institute of Image Management. Originally from an engineering background, she mixes her love of science and art in the field of fashion and image management. She uses her knowledge to coach clients to become aware of the impact of their image on themselves, others, and their future goals.


Encouraged by helping others feel confident in what they wear no matter their size or shape, Char Dobbs founded Char Style and Image Management Consulting, LLC. She combines her passion for fashion and empowering others to help clients look their best and pursue their dreams all while conquering the journey of life!


She firmly believes that helping women with the transformative work of embracing their purpose & power leads to the pivotal profit they desire. Char leverages her long-term operational lens to help clients develop strategic & alignment plans that support their short-term key goals to achieve their desired results. 


“Audit your alignment.” — Ursula Mentjes (21:30)


As an engineer, strategist & creative-connector, Char Dobbs has come to see the powerful intersection of purposeful profit and authentic alignment. As co-owner of The Activate Network, she is able to co-create a safe space for women of color entrepreneurs to experience that transformative power while also embracing their purpose and power.


Her experience working with a lot of women entrepreneurs who wanted to experience more visibility led her to realize that she needs help with the sales component. In fact, she had to overcome multi-layers of limiting beliefs including how much she was charging for a certain package! One time, someone even told her, “You should be charging more than this!” 


Part Two of ‘How to Build a for-Profit Business with Purpose


Let’s dive into Char’s top two selling strategies to grow her business. It could be different for everyone depending on our source of motivation. But so far, these are the tactics that work for her:


  • First, you have to be clear on what you’re aiming for. This is where we can connect it with our purpose to determine how much you want to sell and how you want to sell something. 


  • Track your goals. Write down your actions, your achievements and how you want your approach to be. This can help you monitor what are the things you’re doing consistently. 


“Figure out where you need to pivot.” —  Ursula Mentjes (22:04-22:05)


Speaking of purpose and profit, Char also shared a couple of things that she mostly shares with her clients. Take a moment to pause, reflect, and ask yourself, "How are you making sure that you're still in alignment with the things that you originally wanted to do?" You need to identify the reason why you do what you want to do and what's the goal that you want to accomplish. Audit your alignment, know where you need to pivot and firmly decide if you need to tweak some of the ways you do business. 


We can learn from Char’s inspiring story that the right mindset has the power to shift your business in the right direction. Building a for-profit business with purpose is about giving your gift and being compensated in return according to the value you bring to the table. Thus, your financial freedom allows you to do many things like hire more people or donate to charities. This is what wealth building should be all about. It should create positive ripple effects that we can pass onto the next generation.  


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Discover how to transform limiting beliefs, make powerful shifts with intention, and authentically serve (sell) your clients with my free pdf, “6 Secrets to Doubling Your Sales! 


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