How Many Sales do You REALLY Need to Reach Your Stretch Goal?

If I asked you the following question, what would your answer be? “How many sales do you need to reach your stretch goal?”

Unfortunately, most people cannot answer that question in one word. Usually, it’s a few sentences about how much they think it would be.

One of the greatest challenges Entrepreneurs and Sales Professional face is a lack of clarity regarding their sales numbers. I don’t think there is anything more critical than setting a stretch goal, and then doing the work to actually figure out what it would take you to get there. In Selling with Intention, I refer to that as the “Gap Analysis”.

Would you like to significantly increase your sales? Then I want to help you figure out how many sales you really need to reach your stretch goals and share an exercise you can do with an accountability partner to help you get there faster!

Take out a piece of paper so you can record your answers!

1. First, determine your sales stretch goal for the year. Write it down.

2. Then, divide that number by twelve to figure out your monthly goal. Write it down.

3. Next, divide the monthly goal by the revenue of your average sale. Write it down.

4. Congratulations! You now have the number of sales you need to close to reach your stretch goal!

What was it like to go through that process? As I mentioned, oftentimes when I ask Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs that number, they just aren’t sure. I want to remind you that until you have complete clarity on your sales numbers, you will not reach your stretch goal. When you have clarity, it gives you the motivation and sense of urgency you need to reach your goal.

A word of caution. Once you know the exact number of sales you need, be careful not to “force” the outcome. It is important that you stay confident about the outcome and actually expect to reach your sales goal. If you aren’t expecting and believing that you can actually reach your goal, then it cannot happen.

Once you do believe and you expect the sales to come through, I would encourage you to pay attention to your intuition and the urges you receive regarding clients you should call or strategic partners you feel drawn to connect with.

Action: Take out a blank piece of paper and go through the steps above. Then, notice how you feel about the goal. Do you believe it? Over the next few days, pay attention to the hunches you are receiving and take inspired and intentional action!

When you have a clear stretch goal and you know the number of clients you need to reach your goal, it is much easier to get there!


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