How Many Clients Are In Your Sales Funnel?


Having a month that overflows with sales is every Entrepreneur and Sales Professionals dream. But for one reason or another, it doesn’t always work that way!  Why not?

funnelWhen I first started out in sales, I had no idea what a sales funnel was.  One of my managers kept talking about it, so I headed out to the local Barnes and Noble, stepped over to the sales section, and started paging through the sales books. Several of them had diagrams and others had lengthy descriptions regarding what a sales funnel is.  As I studied that sales funnel, a light bulb went on for me and I asked myself, “How many clients do I have in my sales funnel?”. The answer was, “Not enough!”

A simple way to imagine is a sales funnel is to picture a regular funnel. Wide at the top, it narrows as it tapers to the bottom.  The idea is that you will have a system set up in your business to draw or attract a large number of prospects to hear your message and learn more about your products or services (the wide, top portion of the funnel). That is usually through your marketing efforts. There are many ways that you or your team members can market your products or services, from meeting them through networking, to being out on a speaking platform, etc.

Once you have connected with your prospects, what is their next step in your sales funnel?  Do they sign up for your ezine to learn more about your offerings?  Or, for some of you, they may be ready to purchase your product or service. Every business has a different sales cycle, and therefore, sales funnel. The idea is to move your prospects from the wide, “top” of the funnel, to the narrow portion at the bottom where they will be purchasing your products or services.

How many clients are in your sales funnel? Do you have enough? If not, I’d like to share three strategies you can implement immediately to increase the prospects in your sales funnel.

First: Begin by assessing your current sales funnel. Do you have one? How do your prospect become clients? What are the steps in your business?

Second: Determine how you will create more opportunities to connect with Target Prospects.  Is it through more intentional networking?  Speaking?  Strategic partnerships? Finally setting up and implementing that Social Media plan? Make a decision to increase the prospects in your sales funnel by deciding today that you will add one or two ways to increase your opportunity to make new connections with prospects.

Third: Take Action: After you have made the decision to connect with the new prospect, then add those next steps to your calendar.  By putting those next steps on your calendar (rather than just your “to do” list), they will actually happen!

Intention Action: Take some time out of your busy schedule today to sketch out your sales funnel and implement the three strategies listed about.

Pablo Picasso once said, “Action is the foundational key to all success.” Wanting this year to be your best year yet and actually taking action to make it happen are two very different things. Decide, right now, that you will increase the prospects in your sales funnel and then take the steps you have created. I promise you that with more prospects in your sales funnel, you will inevitably create more sales in your business!

What does your sales funnel look like? Which strategies will you will you be implementing today? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.


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