An international businesswoman Heidrun Ziche

An international businesswoman with years of experience in leadership of a large organization, Heidrun unlocks individual and organizational growth to ensure sustainable professional success.  She shares her broad business experience and unique combination of interpersonal and professional skills to help executives move to the next level and achieve more than they thought possible.

Being an attorney and economist, psychological and spiritual life coach, mindful change coach, and competitive athlete may seem a big stretch, but it fits together perfectly.  Heidrun has first-hand experience in what is needed in the corporate world (for leadership, teams, projects, processes, and culture), she has the mindset of an elite athlete, and the psychological and coaching background that is needed to successfully design and lead transformational change within large organizations. 

Heidrun’s coaching style is vastly unique as it integrates cutting edge sports science, neuroscience, and fundamental principles of both training and winning, with what is needed in the business world today for:

Leadership, Executives, Teams, Clients, Culture, and Processes

Heidrun is a respected leader, consultant, speaker, and trainer in the areas of leadership, communication, team management, productivity, and performance.  She is the author of TOP Leaders’ Adventure Stories and a guest speaker at DeVry University and at University of California San Diego (UCSD) Extension. 

Coaching, Training, Speaking:

Heidrun provides coaching services, delivers seminars and workshops, and facilitates retreats for corporations, business associations, conferences, and diverse groups in the private, public, and social sectors. 

What clients hire Heidrun for:

Leadership development, retaining talent, communication training, business relationships, executive presence, personal growth, and mindfulness, are some of the areas Heidrun helps her clients with.

Why clients hire Heidrun:

Heidrun is invested in her clients’ success.  Her goal is for her clients to achieve all of theirs.  Heidrun develops TOP Leaders Now and transforms teams into success generators.  She inspires executives and teams to be better than they thought possible.  She is a disruptor in corporate America.


In 2014 the National Association of Professional Women inducted Heidrun into their VIP Woman of the Year Circle for excellence, leadership, and commitment to her profession, while encouraging the achievement of Professional Women.  As an athlete Heidrun has achieved numerous awards, including NYC local elite status for both marathon and half marathon (2014, 2015); 1st and 2nd place in her division in triathlons in San Diego (2018, 2019); and 1st place overall at the Challenged Athletes Foundation’s San Diego Triathlon Challenge (2018).

OFFER:  Free 1/2hr coaching call OR


 Essential includes:

  • In-person Business analysis and Implementation strategy
  • Coaching call to get you/your business to the next level

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Premium Level (Value Pack!) includes:

  • In-person Business analysis and Implementation strategy
  • 1 Month unlimited coaching to get you/your business to a higher level

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