Gratitude Cultivates Success – Even in 2020

There’s no doubt that it’s been a hard year for everyone. Covid-19 has been an unprecedented global event and the struggles that came as a result are real. So how can we possibly look at this upcoming holiday season with any level of optimism or gratitude? 


Aren’t we all just ready for this year to be over?


Consider this: Successful people intentionally choose gratitude regardless of their circumstances. 


That can be a tough pill to swallow! It’s easy to say - definitely more challenging to do! But choosing gratitude daily is more powerful than we may even realize!


Think about it. Have you ever heard of any successful person in any industry that has not faced serious trials and hardships? Is the road to success paved, smooth, and easily trodden? Of course not! In fact, the biggest success stories come out of the greatest hardships! 


We’ve all heard stories of people who overcame despite overwhelming obstacles and hardships. Oprah Winfrey. Bill Gates. Thomas Edison. Vincent Van Gogh. Albert Einstein. Franklin D. Roosevelt. Steven Spielberg. The list goes on! These are all completely different success stories. 


And what is the key factor in their success? Grit. Fortitude. Determination. Tenacity. 


You may be thinking that this all sounds good. But what does it have to do with gratitude? 


The answer: Everything.


You see, hardship is what created the success that these people accomplished. If it wasn’t for that, they would not have had to overcome, innovate, create, or persevere to what they ultimately became. 


And that is good news for us that are currently in the midst of a struggle! You see, it’s a reason to be immensely grateful! Never before have we had opportunities like we do right now!


Imagine for a moment that you are living five years into the future, looking back on 2020. What do you want to remember? Do you want to look back and see that your year was a waste? That you saw obstacles and quit? 


Or do you want to look back on this year with a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing that you cultivated success, persevered, overcame, and gratefully took on the challenges set before you? I think the answer for most of us is obvious!


Genuine gratitude has always been a key factor in sales success. It is the frequency to tap into in order to draw success to yourself, regardless of your circumstances!


Thanksgiving is on the horizon here in the next couple of weeks already. Consider this: How much more gratitude do you have for your clients now than you did before Covid? How much farther will your gratitude for your clients take you this year? 


And how much more impactful and powerful will that gratitude be THIS YEAR?


The connection between sales and gratitude has always been rather profound. See, gratitude is the key to successful networking and relationship building!


How so?


Well, first, it’s important to fully understand what sales really is. Too many people still view sales as some Ponzi scheme with a “slick salesman” trying to trick unsuspecting people from their hard-earned savings.


The reality is that sales is all about genuine service. We serve our clients by selling to them. As I say, you and your business are the answer to someone’s prayers! And have we ever been in a place where people needed to be served more than now?


Look at it this way. Have we ever had more opportunities than we do right now to meet people’s needs, support them, serve them, and connect with them?


This year, how much more grateful will your clients be for their connection with you? How much more will it mean to them to be remembered, thanked, and acknowledged?


When we are intentional about sales as service to our clients, this makes us genuinely grateful for them, and it makes them genuinely grateful for us. 


And how much more so are we this year than ever before? 


This, in turn, facilitates a relationship with our clients based on mutual respect and gratitude. And I ask you: Is there any better way to do business, network, build relationships, or to guarantee repeat business than to have a genuine quality connection with a client?


This year has no doubt been long and difficult. But that challenge poses tremendous opportunities for connection and sales if we are just willing to take them - and be grateful for them.