Getting Creative During Covid: How to Keep Selling Even When Prospect’s Offices are Closed or They Are Working From Home


On the Double Your Sales Now podcast, you will discover top resources to selling strategies, powerful tips, and best practices to open your mind and performance to the next level. You can double your sales, too! In this episode, discover how to be more creative during COVID and how to keep selling even when prospect’s offices are closed or they are working from home. 


Here are the key areas we covered in this episode: 

  • Top two strategies for selling in the age of a pandemic. Remember that there are still many things that we can control and a lot of ways to make a difference. Let’s adapt to the new sales pitch based on the new normal.
  • In many parts of the world, schooling at home will continue for at least several months. See parent's and teachers' guide to distance learning. How can we make it a fun and comfortable experience for the kids?
  • How business owners can keep reinventing themselves and see their business again with fresh eyes. Busy work is not a needle mover. 
  • Importance of getting back to basics in business. Revisiting your WHYs and asking yourself questions like, "How can I serve them? What's the problem I can solve?" Business is about serving and helping others, while money is just a result of your hard work.


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