From Recessions to Pandemics Why Serial Entrepreneurs Thrive with Laura Neubauer

“Our challenge from a psychological perspective is accepting the new normal.” 

— Ursula Mentjes (09:15-19:23)

Whatever is happening in the world right now and its massive impact on the marketplace, do you realize how big the opportunities are for you right now? You have a chance to see where the market is going and to be on the leading edge of that so that you can come back stronger. In this week's episode, you'll learn about why serial entrepreneurs thrive from recession to pandemic with Laura Neubauer.



Laura Neubauer is a serial entrepreneur. Her expertise is in transportation and logistics with a reputation in delivering an extraordinary client experience. Her exceptional business acumen coupled with her grit and entrepreneurial spirit grew her previous company “Deliver It” into a multi-million-dollar company within its first couple of years. Laura has successfully exited from Deliver-it.  

Laura is a consultant for many companies because of her creative solutions and “out of the box” business concepts. As a speaker, her no BS attitude brings a new and exciting atmosphere to the business environment. 

Today, Laura is the CEO of Kaleidoscope Media Services. She consults companies and individuals to build e-learning platforms for business scalability and success.  


Part One of ‘From Recessions to Pandemics Why Serial Entrepreneurs Thrive with Laura Neubauer’

Before the pandemic, people used to walk free through the airports without thinking of any virus outbreak. Just like when 9/11 happened, things were never the same after that. Some people take a little bit longer to grieve through certain things changing because, as humans, we don't love change. Part of our challenge right now from a psychological perspective is to get into the space of accepting the new normal.

During the Great Depression and the Great Recession, there was a vast money exchange that happened. And those who were paying attention and watching for the opportunities were the people that became multi-millionaires during that time.


Part Two of ‘From Recessions to Pandemics Why Serial Entrepreneurs Thrive with Laura Neubauer’

With everything that's happening right now, it's essential to look at the trends of what's going to be temporary and what's going to be the permanent changes. Some companies are going to be downsizing left and right because a lot of them have transitioned to remote jobs. 

If you have a business that you've been traveling to see clients and they've been paying you to travel, then that's not going to occur anymore because they're used to the zoom calls. They're used to working with you a different way right now. And you must learn how to adapt and change, so you have extra offerings for them to make.


“Focus on the relationship and delivering high-quality service.” —  Ursula Mentjes 


There's a percentage of the population who has even more money right now than they did a month ago, which is fascinating. That may not be true for everyone, but the point is that there's money out there. When you're clear on what you want to create, the way always shows up. 

This is the time for business leaders like you to focus more on the relationship and deliver high-quality service. Eventually, your clients are going to feel like they're part of your family. At the same time, this is also a time to reset your goals and recommit to your goals again. Reward yourself for not only surviving this pandemic but thriving or making some of those steps forward.


More About Laura Neubauer: 

Laura Neubauer is also the creator of ETEENPRENEUR, the leading community that provides teen entrepreneurs with online education and peer support. 

Laura has been recognized as Orange County’s “Entrepreneur to Watch”, California’s “Business Woman of The Year”. And her previous company Deliver-It has been recognized as one of Inc’s fastest-growing companies in America. 

Laura’s success is based on integrity, strong relationships, and the passion to see other people succeed.  

She is a past president of both NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Orange County and NAWBO California

You can get in touch with her here:


About Ursula Mentjes:

Ursula Mentjes is the founder of Sales Coach Now, as well as a Sales Expert, Inspirational Speaker, Author and Certified Sales Coach who specializes in NLP to help her clients double and triple their sales. Sales Coach Now delivers a unique approach to sales training and coaching designed for ultimate retention and achievement. 

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