Friendship, Connection, Racism and How to Find Your Seat at The Table Right Now with Janise Graham

“It's about coming together and supporting each other.” 

— Ursula Mentjes (05:30-05:31)

During the previous podcast episode, we had Mike Mooney speak about how we can be agents of change and how our thoughts and beliefs impact every action we take — especially during turbulent times. This week's episode will be a powerful conversation with Janise Graham about her personal experience with racism and how each one of us can take our seat at the table.


Part One of ‘Friendship, Connection, Racism and How to Find Your Seat at The Table Right Now with Janise Graham’


Janise Graham, President of National Association of Women Business Owners, ever since she began working in the financial services industry in 1995, her primary focus was on retirement and retirement planning. After seeing what can happen to a very successful business when there is no business succession plan in place, she was compelled to redirect her abilities to helping those who are successful in their respective industries and who may need some help navigating the planning process. 


Her passion is to help as many business owners and executives understand the importance of and implement a business succession plan by using strategies and solutions that may help their business continue to thrive should they become disabled, retire or die.


“COVID-19 allowed us all to slow down in a different way.” — Ursula Mentjes (36:02-36:07)


This has been an intense couple of weeks on our planet as we have witnessed the devastating death of George Floyd, which has opened up powerful conversations about racism in our country and world. Racism is tough to talk about. But living it day in and day out is unimaginable and unacceptable. Still, here at Sales Coach Now, we're committed to continuing this conversation openly so we can learn together and become allies and agents of change for our clients, friends and colleagues of color.


Part Two of ‘Friendship, Connection, Racism and How to Find Your Seat at The Table Right Now with Janise Graham’


George Floyd's death triggered America into a great awakening, followed by another shooting incident of a 26-year-old emergency medical technician Breonna Taylor who was fatally shot inside her home by a police officer. Consequently, these happenings ignited anti-brutality protests and a worldwide Black Lives Matter movement that's going to change the world forever.


“Something that is bigger than the black community has to be changed.” —  Janise Graham (42:11-42:15)


Racism only magnifies that something bigger than the black community has to be changed. COVID-19 allowed us all to slow down in a different way. Everything stopped and created more space for self-assessment and awareness. But more importantly, what we need to bring into this world right now is more love. Let's be open to conversations about friendship, connection, and racism because every person is equally important.


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  • Lynn Wakefield says:

    So important, thank you, Ursula and Janise. So appreciated is the gracious way you both relayed this without making anyone wrong, and highlighting self-awareness and being engaged as a growth learning experience we are going through together. I have wonderful black friends who have had many experiences like you mentioned. One example was being pulled over and forced to lay face down on the ground in a white formal gown and a tuxedo on way to award ceremony for husband to receive award. Janise’s examples of what you have to teach your black children was eye opening and moving. Also thank you for mentioning there are good police – where would we be with no police? And mentioning if you don’t know what to do just smile. This recent incident on top of others is a wake up call for us all to take a look. Looking forward to joining you and your listeners at the table while we learn and grow together

  • Maria R. Diaz says:

    I really enjoyed listening to two friends and two professional rock stars; talk openly about this topic. It was intentionally honest and simple. It does not have to be a complicated conversation and you both made it comfortable to listen. I appreciate that the main focus is not about fixing it with one conversation. It’s about becoming the solution on an ongoing basis. I now have a greater appreciation for you both. Thank you.

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