Fire Up & Lead with Stacy Whaley

As the Founder and Chief Coaching Officer of Fire Up & Lead, Stacy Whaley works with small and mid-size companies to develop purpose-driven organizations.  She works alongside her clients and identifies strategies to enhance workplace environments, designing expectations so everyone on the team is truly aligned with business goals. By eliminating feelings of being overwhelmed, setting clear objectives, and creating a common leadership language that guides decisions and communication, her clients gain traction and become more confident and successful leaders


Fire Up & Lead is an Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC® and Stacy will receive her certification as a Dare to Lead™ trained professional in July 2020.  Stacy teaches these communication strategies and daring leadership skills that lead to creating realistic boundaries and expectations in the workplace. She knows the importance of building commitment among employees, ensuring all team members are aligned with the shared goals, and understands how to create plans for adaptation in today’s business environment.


Stacy has a long background in working in diverse environments, including leadership positions in operations, sales, account management, financial planning, and call centers. Through these roles, she has witnessed both the good and bad of leadership—it’s this experience that propelled her to start her business, partnering with others to adapt their styles and businesses to the continually evolving workplace of today.


Stacy and her family—including five boys and two grandchildren—live in Northwestern Wisconsin. With the power of technology, Stacy works with both local and national clients and truly enjoys seeing workplaces transform and thrive.


Stacy would like to invite you to start the conversation about how to enhance your workplace culture, train your leaders, and engage your workforce.  Book a free Discovery Meeting and you’ll receive a complimentary Culture & Training Road Map.


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