EVERYONE Can Succeed

Can we all agree that millennials have an undeserved bad reputation? They are often times unfairly portrayed in the media as lazy, entitled, and generally contributing to the downfall of society. That’s a heavy burden to saddle them with! It seems that we have unfortunately set our expectations of young people today mighty low!

This is unfortunate – because, as we know, success in any industry depends on the one thing that we all have: a mind! It’s our beliefs alone that drive success.

Which means that young people are quite capable of being successful. Yes – even in sales!

When we talk about age being a limiting belief for success, it seems that most of the time, we think of a person who feels that they are too old to be a success. Now, there are certainly those who have that limiting belief!

And yet on the other end of the spectrum, the same – but opposite – limiting belief exists: “I’m too young to succeed.” How ironic that the people on either side of that spectrum will look at one other and wish that they had what the other does.

What I mean is, rather than focusing on the strengths of their youth or the experience that comes with age, they have a “grass is greener” mentality of sorts that manifests as an age-related limiting belief. And it stops them from succeeding!

And here’s the thing: Both of them are wrong!

You see, success does not discriminate against age. And the age limiting belief is easily overcome!

“I’m too old to be a success” can be easily replaced with “I have years of life experience and wisdom to take into a sales endeavor!”

“I’m too young to be a success” can be easily replaced with “I have countless opportunities ahead of me and all the energy in the world with which to experience them!”

We have all heard success stories of people in their elderly years doing amazing things. Such people blow the myth that age prevents your success out of the water.

We see fewer success stories coming from millennials.

Until today.

For my latest podcast, I recently interviewed Kayla Fuller, a successful businesswoman in her 20’s – yes her 20’s! Though once feeling limited by her age, she now sees it as an opportunity for growth.

She changed her thinking! And her sales are skyrocketing!

Her story is truly an inspiration for everyone, no matter their age. Listen to it here! And choose not to be limited by your age!