Energy Is Real – Here Is How It Applies To Your Sales

How is your energy today?

You may read a question like this and think, “Wait – isn’t this a sales coaching webpage?”

Yes – it is – and this is an important question….

How is your energy? And what does that mean?

When we hear people talk about “energy,” we can tend to think of mystics, psychics, or sometimes a type of spirituality. Just using the word “energy” can turn some people away.  But in a very practical sense, personal energy is simply a fact – nothing vague or obtuse.

Medically speaking, our bodies are energy. We are literally electric. This knowledge is the basis upon which the EKG machine was created. It’s the foundation for the practices of chiropractic care, acupuncture, and applied kinesiology.

It’s science. And it’s powerful.

Just because energy is not often discussed in our culture today, it’s no less a part of your everyday reality. Therefore, it warrants consideration in all areas of your life – including the huge impact it has on your sales.

Your energy is vital to your sales like this: In a very real and tangible way, your mindset influences your energy.

In my latest podcast, I talked with Melissa Sonsalla. She has seen, applied, and made a life out of teaching “Energy Leadership” – and her results are inspiring. She shared how she conquered her limiting beliefs – and as a result, her sales – and her energy – grew.

And once her energy grew, she exploded to being #13 in sales for her company!

Today, she coaches others on how to grow their sales. She says that the key to getting started is not in a specific method, script or tool – it’s first and foremost in helping them to grow in their energy.

The energy levels look like this:

Level 1 is Self Doubt

Level 2 is Fear

Level 3 is Settling

Levels 4-7 are where all the good stuff happens!

What level are you spending your time and effort at?

Think about it: Are you stuck? Disorganized? Do you feel small and think you are insignificant in your sales and your work? Or is your energy big, moving, expanding, and optimistic?

Where do your thoughts lie? That’s a good indicator of what your energy is doing.

So, how can you throw off limiting beliefs and move your energy level up?

One of the most powerful tools to get yourself out of a mental rut is to use visualization. Visualization gives the subconscious the messages is needs to go to work for you. It intentionally changes your thoughts.

So what are YOUR limiting beliefs? Oftentimes, the limiting beliefs that hold us back aren’t what we thought they were at all! If you have limiting beliefs, those thoughts need to be replaced with new ones, so that you can really learn to believe you can succeed!

When you do, watch your energy – and your sales – grow.

So, consider again: how is your energy today?

And what would you like it to be?