Embracing Change To LevelUp Your Business

Change is uncomfortable sometimes isn’t it? Very few people genuinely love having life change! This is especially true in business where change usually also means risk. It feels scary, right? We fill our heads with “what if” questions. And usually the thoughts that follow are less than encouraging.


And yet the only consistent thing in life… is change. 


So what do we do with this? Do we roll over and quit? Or do we adapt, grow, risk, and move with the callings to create much needed change in our lives? I think the answer is obvious, but not easy.


Let me ask you something. Have you ever experienced a change in your business that did not cause you to grow? I’m guessing now.


Every time we experience a shift, whether it’s internal or external, it’s often good for us (kinda like taking vitamins) because it causes us to think, act and show up differently.


There is a saying that goes: Our comfort zone is also our failure zone. Do you feel that sometimes? Whatever is comfortable in your business is likely at the root of your struggle. And this presents us with a choice. If you’re in business, growth is inevitable. At some point, it becomes more uncomfortable to stay stagnant than it does to change, doesn’t it? 


So how can you shift, UpLevel, develop a CEO mindset, and turn your annual income into your monthly income? How can you embrace change in your business? 


Well, some things are going to have to change! 


The first thing that needs to change are your beliefs. Stay with me here because this is where it all starts. Too many people want to skip this part and try to go straight for the strategies, to-do lists, scripts, and nuts and bolts. 


But you cannot create lasting, sustainable change in your life and your business if you do not first change your beliefs. 


What sorts of beliefs? Limiting beliefs about you, about money, about selling, and beliefs about, well, change. 


How do you change your limiting beliefs? You begin by asking yourself what’s NOT true about it. When you do that your subconscious mind starts to poke holes in that belief.

And you begin to see that it was never true, anyway.


Then, you replace your limiting belief with a new belief.  Usually the opposite or your limiting belief and one that inspires you.


This is not usually a one-and-done proposition. It requires intention, discipline, and effort to choose to take on a new belief. And yet, it is as simple as shifting your thoughts! Your thoughts determine your direction – so this is where you begin.


It also helps to have others to borrow belief from. What does that mean?


At our CEO roundtable, we’ve discovered what I call a “belief transfer.” When one person succeeds, it shifts everyone else’s belief that they, too, can bust through an income ceiling,  hire the team of their dreams, etc.


We mastermind, strategize, and see each other succeed, so we believe that we can do the same thing another person does. Furthermore, we can sort of “borrow” another person’s belief in us. Then, when we achieve, another person gets pulled up by our belief in them. As a coach, I hold a belief for my clients until they believe it is true.


Finally, if you’re going to commit to developing a CEO mindset, turning your annual income into your monthly income, and growing your business, you need to make a final decision.


Again, it sounds too simple – how could it be that easy?


Too often we go into a decision half-heartedly. We have one foot in and another foot out. And when we aren’t ALL IN, we don’t get ANY results. 


Deciding to create change will always bring us out of our comfort zone. We KNOW this is a good thing, but it’s still uncomfortable and risky. So, we back out. Making big changes requires big commitment – meaning all of it! 


Make the final decision, shut the door, don’t go back, and the way forward will open itself up to you. 


It’s easy for me to simply tell you to do all of this. But rest assured – I am doing the same thing! We are moving with the calling to grow and rebrand. Our target market has shifted slightly. I’ve launched a new podcast called One Revenue Expansion. Things are changing and it’s so exciting to see what is unfolding and I hope you’ll stick with me on the UpLevel journey.


Change is in the air. It’s already here. Are you going to move with it?

  • Mariette Lasley says:

    So true! I am going through change as well! If I make the changes, my business and income well multiply! So here I go!!!

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