Embracing Change And Leadership During A Pandemic

Sales Camp has always been one of my flagship events. Two full days of coaching, mindset shifting, strategizing, and investing in people is exactly what I do this work for. I love being in person with our clients, so I can high-five them, hug them and look them in the eyes.

So naturally, when Covid-19 shut down the entirety of society as we know it, I was wondering what was going to happen to Sales Camp! If we were going to continue having it, the format was going to need to change.

Taking this leap was pretty scary for me. Did I have resistance to launching and leading Sales Camp virtually? Absolutely! Did I ever think this day would come? NO. Honestly, I don’t think anyone could have predicted the situation that we find ourselves in right now! Every Sales Camp has a certain amount of synergy that comes from conversation, interaction and encouragement. I honestly didn't think we could create the magic--the experience--that happens in person.

And yet, as the pandemic arrived, there was a quiet voice inside that whispered, "It's TIME. Time to support in an even bigger way. Time to LEAD."

Ok. So I needed to shift. But where do I start?

  • What will it look like to put Sales Camp on a virtual platform? 
  • Were we going to be able to take the event online? 
  • Was it even going to work? 
  • How could we recreate the connection that happens in a live event?

    ….COULD we even be successful in this endeavor?

Well, I’m happy to report that the past two days have been a historical moment for my company, Sales Coach Now. The launch of Virtual Sales Camp was a HUGE success!

Those two days were MAGICAL! EXCITING! They far superseded my hopes and expectations for a virtual event. And despite not sharing space together, the breakthroughs that business owners needed to experience still happened, over and over again. And, our two May Sales Camps just sold out and June is almost full—we are considering adding even more classes to accommodate the demand. YES, the DEMAND for sales training RIGHT NOW.

Here's what we learned over those incredible two days:

  1. The pandemic CANNOT and WILL NOT stop us, unless we let it. Moving forward does NOT take away the fact that we know others are suffering, and we send them love and compassion, and are especially grateful for our first responders and healthcare workers who are on the front line.

    But small business owners have to figure out a way to move forward if they are going to have a chance. We must not stop--we MUST surround ourselves with people and support to help us innovate and pivot--while still following safety guidelines.


  2. If you know the “why,” the “how” will come.

    You see, when you make a decision to do something--like grow your business in the face of major challenges--the WAY (the steps) will always show up. You DON’T need to know the “how.” You just need to commit to keep going, and the way will present itself.
  3. When you commit to leading vs. listening to a negative narrative, YOUR TRIBE will find you!!!!!!

There has never been a more important time for every single one of us to be LEADING in our own way. I am so grateful to my team (and Tim, Lucca, Mom + family + friends) for running with me this past month as we have innovated, changed, failed, innovated again, shed some (many) tears, picked ourselves up and KEPT GOING!!!!

If you are still reading this, YES, YOU!!! How will you step up?

How will you be part of the solution as we step into our new normal, and move from surviving to THRIVING?

Do you hear the whisper? #keepgoing #letsgo