Double Your Sales This Year Through Networking with Travis Sims

“Networking is so much more than appointment setting. It's about building a relationship intentionally.” 

— Ursula Mentjes (16:18-16:23)

There’s a lot happening in the world today. But there is hope that 2020 can be your phenomenal breakthrough! In this week's episode, Ursula Mentjes welcomes her special guest, Travis Sims, as they discuss how you can double your sales this year through networking. There's going to be golden nuggets that you'll want to remember. Get ready to be uplifted, inspired, and refocused on your goals.


Part One of ‘Double Your Sales This Year Through Networking with Travis Sims’


Every person in the sales industry has a limiting belief. One that held them back from fully understanding what this field has to offer. You probably got stuck in instances where only networking lifted you out of that hole.


If networking is something you don't value in the business world, you could be missing a lot of global opportunities. Can you imagine how it can help your business to be more profitable? Especially if you're working within an environment where you share the same target market?


“It's always good to have an association that can give you some referrals.” — Ursula Mentjes (19:30-19:36)


Networking is about building the right relationships. It's about connecting with the right people. An opportunity to provide selfless service. Today's world is all about teamwork. If you can team up with other people, you will scale faster, which can also be called a dynamic collaboration. 


One of the great opportunities in the marketplace when it comes to networking is a learning experience. It's just like hosting a networking event; people go and learn together. It creates an adventure together, a shared experience, a bonding moment. It gives people something to talk about and relate to.


It encourages them to have a conversation after the event. Most of the time, when you attend a networking event, you walk away with a fistful of cards and minimal results from it. You attend all these events, and you do it over again. 


It shouldn't end that way. The event itself should push you to take action. Introduce yourself to someone. Set an intentional time to get to know each other. It could be over coffee, over lunch. Set some appointments before you leave the event. It's about taking this one-time connection to a starting point for a relationship.


Part Two of ‘Double Your Sales This Year Through Networking with Travis Sims’


When it comes to networking events, push yourself to do a lot of it. You have to remember that there's no one style fits all. This requires you to diversify. Whether you're starting a relationship point, an opportunity to develop a referral relationship, or the potential of being able to do business together. It's about making a difference in their lives. How you can help one another.


The beautiful thing about networking is it allows you to leverage your time. Even very busy and successful people find time to network. It's a planned exercise. It's like going to the gym. List your activities and set time for each. Put it on your calendar intentionally. Not just out of nowhere.


“Nothing beats the multiplying effect of referrals bringing new business directly to you.” —  Ursula Mentjes (25:47-26:03)


Networking is not about selling. That's the biggest mistake that most people make. If you're attending an event, more people would sell something rather than buy something. If that's the case, that's already some disconnection.


Networking is about developing relationships. It's about helping others. Networking is going to benefit your business in the long haul. Everyone wants to make more sales, and it is the path to do so. You want to make sure that it's more relational and less transactional.


When you're networking, have a clear vision of who you need to meet. When you walk into the room, know precisely who everyone is. Know what profession they're in. Do your homework ahead of time. Prepare for the event.


Publish the list of who's attending. Research that list. Know who you're going to meet beforehand. You can also even send them a message ahead of time. They'll remember that you before you even arrive at the networking event. I hope you find these networking strategies useful as you scale up your business!


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Travis Sims is the CEO of AGC Accelerated Global Connections the fastest growing business networking organization in the Twin Cities. Travis is a Networking Expert, Motivational Speaker, and Thought Leader committed to helping you become a better person, leader, and networker. For over 15 years Travis has been teaching & coaching the best business leadership minds across the country how to do networking, build networks, and create community. You can follow him on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.