Are you ever inspired by the person who says “It simply cannot be done?” Or are you stirred and motivated by the person who accomplishes what is “impossible?”

I think the answer is obvious! We love to hear all about overcoming, conquering, and breaking the boundaries. We love to see what is possible, not dwell on what isn’t!

In the past, humans have held the following beliefs – they even “proved” them with “science”:

  • It’s IMPOSSIBLE to fly to the moon
  • It’s IMPOSSIBLE for a human being to run a mile in 4 minutes
  • It’s IMPOSSIBLe to have a “horseless carriage.” (car)
  • It’s IMPOSSIBLE for a man to fly
  • It’s IMPOSSIBLE to have light without fire

It’s funny isn’t it?

Because today, we rather take for granted the fact that we’ve put astronauts on the moon, the 4 minute mile has been broken time and time again, we now all drive cars, fly in planes, and turn on the lights. But once upon a time, these innovations were “impossible.”

I can only imagine the pressure the innovators felt from society and all the naysayers. They were called crazy, clinically insane, and they were rejected from their peers and contemporaries. Then, once they accomplished the impossible, they had to take their creation, with their unjustly scarred reputation, to the masses and market it!

Can you imagine?

And yet, here we are. Humans flying across the globe! Who would have thought! It almost seems that the words “It’s impossible or “It can’t be done” seem to be the catalyst for a motivated innovator with a dream to prove everyone else wrong – and do the impossible.

I interviewed Howard Lim on my last podcast, and everyone needs to hear his story! He started his business by doing what was – at the time – considered “impossible” in his industry – and he had only 10 days to accomplish it. An entire industry told him that what he was proposing couldn’t be done.

And guess what? He did it. Not only that, he first accomplished the “impossible” in only 10 days.

Once he did, he took his services to the marketplace and learned how to market in his unique niche. He shares how he crafted his “value proposition” – the way that he stood out from his competitors.

And this is just the start of what he has to share. You do not want to miss this episode.

What have you been looking at in your sales and thinking is impossible? Whatever it is, do it – because nothing is impossible.