Using Hypnosis to Overcome Mindset Hurdles with De’Anna Nunez

When you think of hypnosis, you probably envision a swinging pocket watch, a crafty magician or illusionist, and an entertaining stage performance. People being hypnotized appear to completely lose control over themselves, and all kinds of hilarity ensues at the expense of the “performers.”

I’ll admit, it makes for a fun show.

But in reality, hypnosis is a highly complex phenomenon that can leave a tremendous impact on the way that you live your life.

Think about it. There are scores of success stories from people making monumental life changes following therapeutic hypnosis. Hypnosis is used for weight loss, anxiety, stopping smoking, and sleep problems! It’s even been successfully used for pain during childbirth!

The power of the mind simply cannot be understated.

Despite the image that hypnosis can only cause you to cluck like a chicken in front of a gawking audience, hypnosis is used all over the world today, and by and large, it’s usefulness is misunderstood.

When it comes down to it, hypnosis is just a state of mind that anyone can tap into. You see, your “normal,” analytical, critical, thinking mind is what stops you from accepting what is possible.

But when you’re in hypnosis, you’re accessing the most powerful part of your mind where you don’t question yourself.

Did you catch that? There is a part of your mind where you simply do not question yourself.

If you’ve been around a while, you’ll know that I talk a lot about limiting beliefs, the importance of breaking through them, and the profound life changes that happen as a result. Hypnosis takes you directly to that place where you accept messages without question.

Hypnosis directly accesses your deep subconscious which steers the course of your life – as well as your sales!

In my recent podcast, I talked with De’Anna Nunez, a long time friend and professional hypnotist, who calls the state of hypnosis the “vital mind.” And while we can’t all be expert hypnotists, we can use the foundational concepts and strategies that make hypnosis so powerful and effective.

What is De’Anna’s number one sales strategy? Visualization. Her advice is to be careful what you say – all the time -because your subconscious is always listening. And it’s your subconscious that stores all your beliefs – the ones that limit you as well as the ones that move you forward.

So I ask you: What messages are you sending yourself?

If you are still struggling with limiting beliefs, it’s time to get intentional about your thoughts.

Check out my podcast with De’Anna Nunez to hear her incredible story, learn about the immeasurable power of the mind, and how to harness that power.

  • Love ALL of your content Ursula! You’re BRINGIN’ IT and boy, can we all benefit from your wonderful energy, expertise and leadership! Thought this podcast’s subject was especially interesting, outside the box and thought provoking! Thank you for all you do in helping us remove the limiting beliefs and thoughts that block many of us from doing the things we were meant to do in all aspects of our lives, not just sales/business. Look forward to more podcasts!

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