Foundation Livestock Service with Dan Bakker

Dan Bakker is co-owner of Foundation Livestock Service, a veterinary and production specialist team.He, and his business partner Dr. Barber, help dairy and beef clients solve inconsistencies in health and performance which leads to higher profitability.Through hands on experience with herd health and consistency challenges on the dairy, Dan has developed a passion for correcting the root of problems, instead of relying on short term solutions.

Dan began his experience in agriculture working on his family’s farrowing operation. He then pursued various opportunities in agriculture, including beef feedlot, dairy operations, and facility construction.He spent 11 years at Rock Bottom Dairy in northwest Iowa.  Dan served many roles at the dairy, including Operations Manager as it grew from 500 to 1,200 cows. During this time Dan also desired to become a better leader so he became certified through the “People First” Supervisory Certificate Program and “Lift Leadership Training”.

In 2016, he transitioned off farm as a Dairy Production Specialist.  Foundation Livestock Service started in the fall of 2018, with a mission to help their clients maximize their potential.

Dan enjoys being with his family, the outdoors and growing his hobby farm.

Foundation Livestock Service is an owner operated company by a team of 2, a veterinarian with 18 years of experience and a production specialist with 14 years experience.

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