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What if someone told you that there was a new way to sell? An easier way? A way that allowed your team members to build relationships with clients, sell with integrity and grow their sales. Would you be interested in learning more?

Whether you are a CEO, Sales Manager, Sales Professional or an Entrepreneur, Sales Coach Now specializes in helping clients get the appointments so they can meet with their top clients either in person or over the phone with less effort and less stress--without compromising their ethics or values. It is that simple.

We teach our clients the 10 Principles of Selling with Intention which allows them to more easily reach their greatest stretch goals while getting OUT of their Comfort Zone! Our clients have doubled their sales results in as little as 45 days, and that is possible for anyone who is dedicated to reaching their sales stretch goal.

“I just want to drop you a quick note to tell you that my highest priority prospect was one of the calls we made during your class. They are a large company with 200 employees and $36 million in sales last year. I was very intimidated about calling them because I couldn’t figure out what to say to catch their attention. After your training I decided to use them for one of the practice calls to make during the class and to use your techniques. I ended up leaving the CEO a voice mail message as you trained us, with intention. Even then I felt it would probably end there (even after your encouragement). I want to tell you I received a call back from their CEO’s assistant who gave me two department heads names and phone numbers to call. I am excited to call them both with the CEO’s recommendation. Your “intention” training works!”

Michael Y.
Strategic Sales Executive

Sales Camp is our signature sales training course designed for sales professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to significantly increase their sales in 90 days or less. The class begins with mindset shifts, then moves into a 90-day sales plan development and finally into sales script development and live implementation in class. Specifically, these areas will be covered:

Day 1: Release Your Limiting Beliefs and Get the Appointment

  • Discover why limiting beliefs matter, how they stop you, and how to shift them.

  • Develop your 90-day sales plan and quantum sales strategy

  • Find out how to Sell with Intention and choose the result ahead of time—from setting appointments with key prospects (and warm leads) to closing the sale.

  • Write Sales Scripts designed to get the appointment and close the sale with ease.

Day 2: Close the Sale and Implementation

  • Discover how to close the sale by developing a powerful “Closing Script”.

  • Learn how to “Sell in the Gap” and have a comfortable sales conversation that moves the prospect easily through the sales process.

  • Implement The Intentional Sales Formula

  • Experience setting appointments with real prospects in a 30-minute power-packed sales contest!

Length of Program: 2 days (can be customized to 1 day or ½ day)

Ursula is also available to deliver training programs on sales management, leadership and goal setting.

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