What Are You Resisting

What Would Happen If You Believed?

Consider this: What would happen to you if you actually believed that you could do all the things you WANT to do? Think about it! What would your life look like? How would you spend your time? What would your family be doing? Where would you live? How much time would you spend working? Would…

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Knowing The Value Of What You Sell

Do you want to know one of the fastest ways to double your sales? It’s really simple – here is the secret: Double your prices. Now, some might complain, saying, “That’s cheating – it doesn’t count! Besides, there is no way I could double my prices – nobody would spend that much for what I…

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Putting The 80/20 Rule To Work For You In 2019

Are you familiar with the 80/20 rule? If not, it’s time to get closely acquainted. And if you are already familiar, it’s time to put it to work for you! It’s already at work around you – you just may not know how to recognize or leverage it. So what IS the 80/20 rule? Known…

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“This One Thing Made Me A Good Salesperson”

“I’m not a salesperson.” I’ve heard this from nearly all the clients that I’ve worked with. Interestingly, I’ve heard this from nearly all the salespeople I’ve worked with. Nobody wants to identify themselves as a salesperson, probably because the image that we have of a salesperson is less than flattering. Usually it’s something along the…

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The First Step In Maximizing Your Strategy

When business owners hear the phrase “Double your sales,” most of them get excited about that possibility – as well they should! Doubling your sales, no matter the size of your business will have a significant impact on your life! So, naturally, everyone wants to do it! So, let’s dive deeper with the first question:…

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Double Your Sales Using The Power… Of Gratitude

Consider this: Have you ever met a grumpy, grateful person? Those two rarely seem to coincide simultaneously, do they? Think about it. Have you, yourself, ever been genuinely grateful – and unhappy at once? I doubt it! Thanksgiving is on the horizon here in the next couple of weeks already and many of us use…

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