Stretch Goals

Yes. Next?

For me, “Yes. Next?” means, “Okay, God, so I’ve said yes to this and it has come into actualization. Now, what’s next?” It’s become a personal prayer of asking God for guidance as I continue to say yes to bigger and bigger things, even in the face of fear. What I’ve learned is that the more I say yes, the easier it gets, and then the next door opens.

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Think Bigger! 50 Goals for 2012!

Since I was in my early twenties, I have been researching the topic of goal achievement incessantly. I have read hundreds of books (my book shelf and Kindle are overflowing!) on the topic so that I could more easily achieve my goals and help my clients do the same. My hunger to find books on the topic is insatiable. Used bookstores, new bookstores, Kindle – they are all like a magical land to me! Some say that you just need to read ten books on any topic to be considered an expert. What does it means when you’ve read one hundred or more?

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5 Steps to Turn a Warm Contact into a Closed Sale

Think of the last time you attended a networking event. What happened? Did you go home with your appointment book overflowing with appointments, or with a pile of new cards in your pocket? Most people leave a networking event with a pile of cards rather than appointments set for the upcoming weeks. There are some simple steps you can take to turn warm contacts into closed sales.

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Why Traditional Selling Still Works

The internet is a great sales tool. Believe me, it is an essential key in my own business and you wouldn’t be reading this article without the power of an ezine company. However, in the age of technology, it seems like many people have forgotten about the power of traditional selling. The power of the telephone. The power of a face to face meeting.

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3 Ways to Break Through Your Financial Set Point!

Most Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals choose their career or business path because they want to have unlimited financial freedom in their lives. And yet, as they “get into it”, they bump up against what I like to refer to as their, “Financial Set Point” – or that revenue number that they just can’t seem to get through.

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