You Cannot Do It Alone

Have you ever met someone that was chronically busy? Actually, that probably sounds like almost everyone you know. The person in the mirror perhaps? In addition, do you know anyone that just loves being so busy that they can scarcely breathe? No? Of course not. So why do we do this to ourselves? Our society…

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How to Stay Focused No Matter What (And Still Reach Your Goals)

Let’s face it, we live in a world that is filled with distractions, both good and bad. Those distractions can easily take us away from the goals we’ve set for ourselves—especially our financial goals— when we allow them to. But it’s important to remember that you have a choice. I distinctly remember during the middle…

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7 Practical Strategies to Manage Your Time–and Grow Your Sales

One of the biggest complaints I hear from sales professionals and entrepreneurs alike is that they don’t have enough time.  They don’t have enough time to make calls. They don’t have enough time to set appointments.  And, therefore, they don’t have enough time to close sales! I’m sure this isn’t you (wink/wink), but just in…

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Let Go–and Sell More!

See, the thing is, my closet was just an analogy for other areas of my life and business I needed to clean up. I needed to do some serious “letting go” of physical stuff, guilt, limiting beliefs and fears, and relationships (business and personal) that no longer “fit.”

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Surrender or Achievement: Which Will You Choose?

What is it about the holiday season that allows us to reflect on our lives? It pushes us to think about how we are living, why we are living that way, and what we really need to change. That usually translates into a New Year’s resolution or two and a promise to ourselves that we…

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