Introducing Ruth Cyphers, owner of AdMfg, Inc.

At times we are simply an advertising agency. Other times we are marketing firm, graphic design firm, promotional product company, media placement firm or internet guru. And sometimes all of the above. The AdMfg account management philosophy is simple: establish relations and then work together in a partnership, provide responsive service, understand client goals, apply…

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An international businesswoman Heidrun Ziche

An international businesswoman with years of experience in leadership of a large organization, Heidrun unlocks individual and organizational growth to ensure sustainable professional success.  She shares her broad business experience and unique combination of interpersonal and professional skills to help executives move to the next level and achieve more than they thought possible. Being an…

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Innovative Leader with Sharonda Bishop

Sharonda Bishop is the Founder and Principal of Bishop Consulting, a Human Resource and Training company, serving clients in the Inland Empire throughout Southern California. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management from Cornell University and Master’s degree in Human Resource Design from Claremont University. Currently, Sharonda is a doctoral student at DePaul…

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Citizenship is not a Spectator Sport with Steve Miska

STEVEN M. MISKA Steve Miska is the Executive Director of First Amendment Voice and the Principal Investigator for Strategically Protecting Soft NetworksTM, a project supported by the Pacific Council on International Policy in L.A. and numerous other partners to protect vulnerable allies who work with Americans in conflict zones. As Executive Director of First Amendment Voice (FAV), he leads a nonpartisan…

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Foundation Livestock Service with Dan Bakker

Dan Bakker is co-owner of Foundation Livestock Service, a veterinary and production specialist team.He, and his business partner Dr. Barber, help dairy and beef clients solve inconsistencies in health and performance which leads to higher profitability.Through hands on experience with herd health and consistency challenges on the dairy, Dan has developed a passion for correcting…

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