Optimizing Networking for Exponential Success with Amy Evans

“Your best months in business are ahead. Get ready to serve your clients!”  — Ursula Mentjes (02:52-02:56) Things like selling, relationships, and referrals all go together for someone to have exponential success in networking. To spark some inspiration, we’re going to discover another success story of an entrepreneur and how she has achieved her revenue…

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Speaking Industry Expert Talks About The COVID-19 Impacts, Challenges, and Opportunities with Angela Cox

“We need to support each other right now.”  — Ursula Mentjes (08:31-08:34) In this week’s episode, you’ll learn about: What the speaking industry experts say about the COVID-19 impacts, challenges, and opportunities  How you can be a high-paid public speaker Angela Cox founded Midwest Speakers Bureau in 1998. She enjoys learning about your needs so she…

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How Dental Offices Are Decreasing Patient Anxiety with Jessica Martin

“When you believe in something, you inspire others to believe.”  — Jessica Martin (07:10-07:13) *Part 1 Jessica Martin, the owner of Martin Management and co-owner of Martin Dental, a thriving dental office in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, loves sharing ways to help dental offices decrease patient anxiety and make the dental experience positive for every patient. …

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Double Your Sales This Year Through Networking with Travis Sims

“Networking is so much more than appointment setting. It’s about building a relationship intentionally.”  — Ursula Mentjes (16:18-16:23) There’s a lot happening in the world today. But there is hope that 2020 can be your phenomenal breakthrough! In this week’s episode, Ursula Mentjes welcomes her special guest, Travis Sims, as they discuss how you can…

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Selling During Uncertain Times with Debbie Allen

“It’s definitely a time to innovate and restructure.”  — Ursula Mentjes (07:08-07:12) Do you think it’s okay to sell during uncertain times? What should you be saying or not saying? How can you give value without being too pushy? That’s the million-dollar question right now. For those of us who had any limiting beliefs in…

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New Ways to Network During the Pandemic with Kelli Holmes

“Seeking out your best potential power partners and building the right relationships with them is a great way to build your business network.” — Kelli Holmes (30:57-31:07) It’s a tough time for everybody on the planet. How are the companies addressing preparedness amid global pandemic? What resilient approach is required from the management to protect…

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