Marketing Strategies

How To Schedule Your BEST Year NOW

In your business as well as your life, how far ahead do you need to plan your activities in order to feel like you are in command of your schedule? In other words, how far ahead do you plan your productivity?  A day?  A week?  Do you plan your sales quarter?  Or do you pencil…

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5 Steps to Take a Quantum Leap in Your Business This Year

Do you need to take your business to the next level or make some definite changes to boost your sales in a big way? In today’s solo episode, I’m sharing information that is helpful and powerful, no matter your current situation. We’re discussing 5 Steps to Take a Quantum Leap in your business this year.…

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You Are 3 Feet From Gold – JUST DON’T QUIT!

In his most famous book, Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill talked about what he called being “3 feet from gold.” He used a story to illustrate many different ideas that relate to success and its lessons still prove useful in our modern age. His analogy comes from a story of a young man during…

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“I Need to Think About It” Does Not Mean “No”

A couple years ago, I was sitting with a client who was reflecting with me on how much he’d grown as a salesperson in his business that year. This client works as a solo salesperson and has experienced a significant level of success. He was explaining an example of his personal growth when he shared…

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6 Ways To Schedule Your Best Year NOW!

There’s a wise old saying that goes like this: If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time you’re late. If you’re late, you’re left. Now, for those who are perpetual procrastinators, this might feel a bit uncomfortable! But the reality is that successful people all have a number of similar habits that contribute…

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How Passion For Your Work Can Increase Your Sales

Let me ask you: Are you passionate about your work? About what you have to sell? I’m sure you are knowledgeable! But are you also passionate about it? I find that most of the time, entrepreneurs start with tons of passion for their business! But as time goes on, they get distracted by the details…

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