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Gratitude Cultivates Success – Even in 2020

There’s no doubt that it’s been a hard year for everyone. Covid-19 has been an unprecedented global event and the struggles that came as a result are real. So how can we possibly look at this upcoming holiday season with any level of optimism or gratitude?    Aren’t we all just ready for this year…

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Conquering Your Fears In 2020

October is Halloween month, which means stores are stocking up with all the candies, costumes and fear-based fun that comes as the year transitions to fall. It’s all good fun and most of us enjoy this season and all its antics.   But in reality, despite the fact that we make light of fear during…

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5 Steps For Doubling Your Sales – Even In 2020

Let’s be honest. It’s been a rough year. Many businesses – even people I know personally – were hit hard by the shutdowns that resulted from Covid-19. It would be foolish to deny that the lockdowns had a severe impact on the global economy.    But you see, the principles of success were not shaken…

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