Appointment Setting

The One Nonsense Thing That All Successful People Do

What does the FULL picture of success look like for you? Does it involve just your sales records, bank statement, social status, and the number of belongings you possess? If I had to guess, I’d wager that your definition of success is not limited to only those things. Defining success by money, other’s opinions of…

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You’re Not Done Yet – It’s Time To Hone in

The holidays are here! Love them or hate them, this time of year brings with it many wonderful things. It’s a great time to reconnect with loved ones, make memories, and spend some time relaxing, reflecting, and planning. It’s also a season of abundant distractions. “It was the holidays” seems to be a convenient reason…

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What to Do When You Don’t Want to Make Sales Calls

When my career as a sales professional first launched, I distinctly remember how much I hated making sales calls. I don’t like to use the word, “hate,” but I’m just being really honest.  I went out and purchased every book I could on sales and selling from Brian Tracy’s “The Psychology of Selling” to Jeffrey…

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How Many Sales Calls do I Really Need to Make?

Do you love cold calling? I don’t. Most people I know, including my clients, don’t even like picking up the phone to make a follow up call – forget about a cold call! While the telephone can be one of the most vital tools to growing your sales, it is often one of the most feared tools.

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