Buying And Selling A Home Takes A Team

Liz Reynolds is an exceptional realtor in the Twin Cities area. She has worked in the real estate industry for over eight years. Buying and selling a home takes a team and Liz wants to be part of your team.

With a background in lending, Liz has a unique and deep understanding of the home buying process. Liz has learned to be very resourceful in helping her clients maximize their investment. She does this by helping clients gain access to various down payment programs.

In 2019, she helped her clients net more than $80,000 in down payment program funds.

Working as a skilled negotiator, Liz netted her clients offers of up to $30,000 over the sales price. Liz prides herself in serving her clients financial needs by saving them money any way she can.

So far in 2020, she has saved her clients over $30,000 in fees and even negotiated buyers $50,000 in equity. Her goal is to help you become a home owner that is "House Rich NOT Cash Poor."

As a thank you for your support, Liz would life to offer the following discount to Sales Coach Now readers:
  • Work with Liz or refer her to a friend or family member to sell a home in Minnesota by August 1, 2020 and she'll reduce her listing fee to 1%!
  • If she is your buyer's agent in Minnesota she will use 1% of her commission to help you pay your closing costs. That is a huge savings worth up to thousands of dollars!