Mental Management and How it Affects Your Business with Brandon Webb

Do your thoughts tend towards the negative? Does skepticism or doubt keep you from taking risks and doubling your sales? Are your odds insurmountable? Do you feel like giving up? If this is you, then our guest this week, Brandon Webb, is going to keep you from pulling the plug on your business. If anyone knows a thing or two about facing fears and taking risks, it’s Brandon. Brandon is a former US Navy SEAL and Founder of the Hurricane Group. His multi-million dollar company started with a Blog and an interest in Military Special Operations. Now, his subscription services and website are filling a need and changing lives.

Brandon’s childhood was spent sailing and traveling. After leaving home at sixteen, he had to learn quickly to think on his feet and fight for his own interests. Joining the Military taught Brandon to confront fears, but it wasn’t until his first business failed that he really learned his lesson. Brandon is now writing books and leading the way for you to overcome whatever obstacles are in your path. Whether they are physical or mental, nothing is too big for you. Doubling your sales is a mental game. Are you ready to dive in?