Back to Sales School: The Top 10 Sales Tips From Our Clients

Top 10 Sales TipsI love talking about sales and selling.  But more than talking about it, I love to see my clients have breakthroughs and “aha” moments. There is nothing better than that.

So, this month I decided to dedicate my article to my clients and the gems they discovered for themselves at Sales Camp. I wanted to hear from them—their tops sales tips—so we could share them with all of you: our Sales Coach Now family.

We didn’t edit what my clients shared because I wanted you to hear it from them, in their own words.  What I think you will find to be interesting (at least I did) is that what they learned and experienced through Sales Camp was more than just sales and selling. It was much more. They had shifts that rippled out and affected their entire lives, and that’s the best part. You’ll notice that one individual submitted more than one sales tip, but we loved it, so we let her share two.  You will also see that a tip was included from my second book, “One Great Goal.” Sales Camp includes work from One Great Goal as well, which a lot of people don’t realize, so it was fun to see one of those tips pop up.

The best part is that I couldn’t have chosen better tips to share. These were the first 10 that popped in, so they received the spots in the ezine.

Without further ado, it is my pleasure to share 10 powerful sales tips from our Sales Superstars!

The Top 10 Sales Tips

Sales Tip #1: Track your sales pipeline.
My #1 sales tip is track everything using your WIP. The Work in Progress tracker has been a game changer for me. It brings clarity and focus to efforts every day. I know when I’m not consistently using it because my conversion decreases. My WIP is a must use! Char Dobbs, Char Style and Image Consulting,

Sales Tip #2: Work backward from your sales stretch goal.
Work your projections to meet your stretch goal!  This one activity is a real confidence builder!  It has helped clarify exactly how I need to support my best strategies to be successful.  No more guesswork.  Beautiful!   Patti Cotton, MA, MAOD, PCC

Sales Tip #3: Raise your prices.
I doubled the price of Insolia insoles the week after I met you at the lunch you hosted with Tena. You told me I should be asking for more. After contemplating a price increase for 3 days, I decided you were absolutely right. I should be asking for more. That Sunday, I DOUBLED my prices. Not only did sales from existing customers and new customers increase (and have remained steady since then), but I haven’t received any negative feedback from customers. Amazing! Abby Walker, Vivian Lou,

Sales Tip #4: Listen to the whispers.
For anyone who has not read (and re-read) “One Great Goal,” it is an absolute MUST-READ! Parts of it will speak to you the first time you read it, while other phrases will resonate more strongly in subsequent readings. One point Ursula repeats throughout the book is the concept of whispers from the Universe. And I LOVE this! She writes, “If a dream or goal has been placed upon your heart and is circulating through your mind, THAT IS YOUR MESSAGE!” YES! A million times, YES! I knew I was on the right track with my dream and my sales goals, but something felt a bit off. I am in the process of tweaking my messaging and my offering slightly to align more closely with these whispers! And I am so much more excited and confident. Abby Walker, Vivian Lou,

Sales Tip #5: Get paid what you are worth.
Since Sales Camp, the Universe has been sending me people that are needing my services and happy to pay me well for it. I truly believe that the NLP exercise was the pivotal moment for me because it changed my belief and my mindset (that people don’t want to talk about family estrangement), therefore changing my energy so I am able to attract these people to me. This in turn allows me to implement the other steps I learned from Sales Camp.  Now I have experienced that people have been WAITING for a solution for this issue and they are extremely happy to find my services!  Elda Dorothy,, Revealing and Healing the Pain of Family Estrangement

Sales Tip #6: They WILL answer the phone!
Selling with intentionit WORKS!  From making phone calls (they will answer the phone) to signing contracts (they will be my customer).  Almost scary, magic type stuff…  Get your mindset right and watch what happens.  My business is exploding! Andrea Gribble, #SocialSchool4EDU,

Sales Tip #7: Take inspired action every day.
Working backward taught me to ask what I want to create and to craft plans to take inspired, intentional action each day. It allowed me to realize freedom.  I have booked paying clients for workshops, created a new model for an additional target market and have confidence to proceed with ease. Lynn Lambrecht, The Living Planner,

Sales Tip #8: Change your limiting beliefs.
The #1 sales strategy that I learned at Sales Camp was becoming aware of and changing limiting beliefs that I had regarding sales, money, and self-confidence. The results I have received from implementing these changes are more confidence when it comes to laying out investment options for patients and an increase in sales. Dr. Carissa Barnes, Radiant Life Chiropractic,

Sales Tip #9: Pick up the phone and track it!
Intentionally pick up the phone and track it. I know it sounds uber simple, but once we implemented this in our follow-up process we have nearly tripled our sales!  Tena Pettis, Tenacious Edge,

Sales Tip #10: You CAN double your sales.
The Sales Camp moment that was the most powerful for me was the realization that people WANT me to contact them if I haven’t heard back.  As I make calls to my inactive homeopathic clients, many of them gave me feedback that they were glad I called or that they had been meaning to call me!  With Sales Camp, I not only gained the confidence to become an independent business owner again, but in July I doubled my monthly sales—numbers that had been stagnant for over a year.  I have so much gratitude for the tools I learned in Sales Camp and encourage all of you to take the next step for yourself and your businessDawn Bennett, CCH, RSHom (NA), Body Healing Power,

I hope you have enjoyed reading our clients’ sales tips as much as I did as we all went, “Back to Sales School.”  We wish you all your most intentional and successful month yet!