Are You An Energetic Match For Your Quantum Goal?

Business owners put so much pressure on themselves. Not that sales doesn’t require work, or that we aren’t responsible for taking certain logistical steps to run our businesses. But at some point, the pressure to succeed can start to feel weighty. 


As businesses grow, business owners and salespeople can easily start to think success is all about what they do or don’t do. So, they do more. More phone calls, more appointments, more advertising, more hiring, more, more, more, more… 


And the more they do, the more pressure they feel, the fewer results they get for their time investment, and the less they want to be doing this work that they love! It’s a rather depressing way to run a business!


Furthermore, all that extra pressure and work ultimately doesn’t produce quality, sustainable results. Sound familiar?


It sounds exhausting – because it is!


What if I told you that your success is less about what you do, and more about the way that you do it? Just the slightest shift of thinking can change everything. EVERYTHING.


Let me explain.


When you sit down to work, do these thoughts sound familiar?


  • If I don’t get everything done today, I’m going to be behind.
  • Failure is one step ahead of me if I am not careful.
  • I need to do all the things otherwise this business is not going to make it.
  • In short, it’s all on me.


If this is how you’re approaching your sales, I have good news! You don’t need to run your business with this level of pressure! 


See, if I am approaching my work feeling this way, I need to stop. I don’t bother. Because I know that when I approach a task with that approach, I won’t get the results I want. And ultimately, I’ve wasted my time! Before starting any kind of work with my business, I need to ask myself:


  • How am I approaching my tasks for today?
  • Am I carrying the weight of this action all on my shoulders? 
  • Am I harboring any limiting beliefs?
  • And most importantly: Am I intentional about being an energetic match for my goals today?


The choice to be an energetic match for your goals is a game-changer in your business. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Working smarter instead of working harder?” Far above and beyond all the actionable steps that you do in your business – which are certainly valuable – being an energetic match for your goals is the smartest way to work.




It takes all the pressure off of you. 


Here is how you do it: You consistently do the work, choosing to match the energy needed to accomplish those results, and they come. 


Certainly there are things to do in our businesses. We cannot simply sit back in a recliner saying that we are an energetic match for our businesses while not putting in any work or effort! But choosing to approach our businesses with the right mentality and matched energy leaves the results to land where they may. And if you intend to land in a certain place when you start out, you will find yourself there. 


It’s out of your hands – and that is ok. That’s why this works!


When I choose to be an energetic match for what I want, results start to show up, no matter how much or how little work I am putting in. You see, when I approach my work with the mentality that I am rising to the energy needed to create success in my endeavors, success follows, regardless of what I do. 


Furthermore, when you give yourself permission to receive, then try to make it happen with all your own effort, it’ll be a struggle. But conversely, giving yourself permission to receive, choosing to match the energy needed to have what you want, and leaving it out of your hands means that you are no longer in control – and because you released it, it will come back to you.


So what do you want? What do you need to be an energetic match for? Do your goals scare you? Good! Match them – and watch them come to you!