Becoming a Sales Powerhouse with Angie Weber

Have you ever heard someone say this? “I could never be in sales – selling is hard!”

This is perhaps the most common limiting belief I see in struggling sales professionals, and it’s simply not true! This particular belief is usually interwoven with several other limiting beliefs – and they all seem to stack upon each other.

For instance, you may think selling is hard because:

“Clients don’t want to be sold.”
“They don’t need what I have to offer.”
“People think salespeople are pushy.”

And I’m here to challenge those limiting beliefs. Because the truth is:

Clients DO want to be sold because…
They DO need what you have to offer!
Salespeople are persistent – because they have exactly what their clients need!

Once these beliefs are adopted instead, selling becomes less about “sales” – and more about servitude.

Then suddenly, selling becomes easy.

This is a huge part of Angie Weber’s story, who I recently interviewed on my podcast. Growing up with the limiting belief that she needed to work super hard in order to be successful, she thought salespeople were obnoxious and intrusive, and she never thought she’d be in sales.

Angie found herself working with tena.cious, and she describes a journey of personal growth that expanded her beliefs about sales – and consequently, her abilities.

At Sales Camp, she decided to work toward doubling her sales – and she did it! It was then that she realized that she was a great salesperson!

Since then, Angie has taken off as a star salesperson with tena.cious. Her intentional sales strategies, follow up schedule, and ability to keep herself motivated have helped her achieve a 60%-70% closing rate on her sales!

Angie has come a long way from her initial limiting belief that salespeople are pushy and intrusive!

She says “when you’re motivated, you keep trying to stretch yourself.”

Listen to the podcast to hear more of her inspiring story!