7 Reasons Your Prospect Will NEVER Call You

waiting for you to callI LOVE teaching Sales Camp, our signature two-day sales training course. It is where I am truly at my best, where I get to give as much as I can to my clients, and where I get to see phenomenal breakthroughs and “aha” moments happen right before my eyes. As I tell my clients, THIS is my “high.” No question.

One of the “wide-eyed” breakthroughs that always happens during Sales Camp is when I inform the class that, statistically, your prospect will never call you. Ever.  Everyone usually stares back at me like I am crazy as they wonder why they ever started their own business or got a sales career in the first place.

And then I ask, “Why SHOULD your prospect call you back?”  Really?  Why should they call you back?

Think about it.

Statistics tell us that you have to call your prospect at least five times before you will close a sale with them. Yes, five times.  And that’s average, which means sometimes it will take you even MORE calls.

So, take a long look at the pile of dusty business cards on your desk because I’m about to help you transform that pile into blocks of gold. Seriously!

Are you ready?

I’m going to share the “7 Reasons Why Your Prospect Will Never Call You” and I hope it helps illuminate why it is important for you to shift your belief now. I also hope that it helps you release your fear about picking up the phone.

  1. They see you as the expert. If your prospects see you as the expert, they aren’t going to call you.  In fact, they are going to wait, and wait, and wait for you to call.  If they see you as the expert in what you do, they are going to expect that you will follow up with them to talk about the next steps.  My guess? Some of your prospects are waiting for you to call them back right now.
  2. They aren’t thinking about you. This might be a painful surprise for you (or not), but some of your prospects aren’t thinking about you. Not at all.  They are thinking about what they are going to eat for breakfast. They are thinking about the argument they had with their boss. They are thinking about their next sales meeting, etc.  They are thinking about so many other things that they just don’t have time or space in their brain to think about calling you back.
  3. They are at the spa or on the golf course. Even better than not thinking about you is that they are at the spa, they are golfing—or they are just doing something super fun.  And, while they are doing that “fun thing,” they aren’t thinking about calling you back.  In this moment of fun they might not even remember that they talked to you. But don’t let that stop you from calling them.
  4. They don’t know they need you or your services. Well, darn it, why didn’t they “get it” when you met them at the networking meeting?  Because you haven’t had a meeting with them yet. You haven’t had a moment to enlighten them on all of the amazing things your product or service will do for them. They haven’t had a chance to soak it all in.  So, this is a reminder that you have to call them to set an appointment so they can understand exactly why they need your products or services.
  5. They might be talking to someone else.  Let’s face it. You probably aren’t the only person who offers your product or service and you certainly won’t be the last!  I recently had an entrepreneur attend one of my events and afterwards they shared with me that they had been talking to two other sales trainers before they decided at the last second to come and hear me speak at a free event. I’d met them before and I was glad that we followed up when we did because that entrepreneur became a long-term client.
  6. They lost your number.  Okay, this happens.  I’ve lost numbers of people that I would have loved to buy from and they NEVER followed up with me. Don’t underestimate the possibility that a prospect simply lost your card or your number. No matter what, they aren’t going to call you if they don’t have your number. So this is your reminder to pick up that phone.
  7. They might be waiting for your call.  I saved the best one for last! The best response you could ever receive when you call a prospect is, “I’ve been waiting for your call” or “I was just thinking about you!” Try not to jump up and down in that moment because they are about ready to buy from you.  And, thank goodness you followed up.

The truth is, your prospect will never call you back.  But, that’s okay because now you know why. It’s truly not about you.  As Don Miguel Ruiz teaches us in his international best-selling book, “The Four Agreements,” you can decide to not take things personally. In fact, the faster you understand that it’s not about you and the more energy you put into helping and serving your clients, the faster you will reach your sales goals.

Take a look at that pile of business cards on your desk.

It’ll be worth it. I promise.