5 Ways Learning How to Sell Will Transform Your Life

Transform Your LifeThere are a ton of transformational training opportunities everywhere these days. I’ve experienced many different types of transformational training and it’s changed my life in profound ways. What I find interesting, though, is that sales training isn’t typically considered “transformational.”

Random House Dictionary tells us that to transform means “to undergo a change in form, appearance, or character; become transformed.” After transformational training, like a butterfly, we metamorphose into a new, hopefully better, version of ourselves.

Well, if that’s the case, becoming a professional sales person and then eventually starting my own business was THE most strenuous self-development training I’ve ever been through. It definitely forced me to transform, to change, to metamorphose into a new version of me.

Can you relate?

Selling, whether for someone else or in your own business, forces you to deal with all of your limiting beliefs about yourself. It forces you to confront your deepest fears. It forces you to deal with the past and every time you’ve been rejected in your life and more.

In other words, selling forces you to grow or get out.

When you learn to sell—and to sell well— you will find that selling will allow you to grow into the leader you always knew you were but were afraid to let shine.

Right now we have an epidemic out there of people who are afraid to raise their hand and admit they don’t know how to sell. It’s almost as if they believe that they are just supposed to know how to do it. The truth is that selling is a skill that is learned over time; it’s not a skill that you are born with. Even top sales professionals have honed their selling skills over years, not months. They have dedicated themselves to the art and profession of selling.

I’d like to encourage you to dedicate yourself to the art of selling as well. In my experience, people who succeed in selling live better lives. Why? Because they make more money, they have more confidence, and they recognize that they are in control of their destiny.

My intention is to encourage you to explore the ways in which selling could transform your life and how that could impact your family, your future and more.

5 Ways Learning How to Sell Will Transform Your Life:

1. You will make more money. What would you do with more money? Really, what would you do? I was speaking with a regional sales director of a large, well known corporation recently and we were discussing the training he wanted me to provide to his team. One thing he said over and over again is that he wanted his team to reconnect with their “why”why they really want to make more money. What will they do with it? Who will they help? I had to agree with him that knowing their why could make a huge impact on their ultimate success. When we are clear on our why, we don’t stop; we keep going. What’s your why? Take a moment and write down the three reasons you want more money in your life.

2. You will live a better life. What would you like to change about your life? When you sell more, you make more money and when you make more money, you can live a better life. You can also create a better life for your family as well. Plus, you will most likely impact your clients in a bigger way as well, creating a domino effect. What three things are you tolerating in your life right now that you would like to change? Write those three things down and make a commitment to change them this month.

3. You will be able to give back more. My guess is that you give a lot of your time away to non-profit organizations. And that’s amazing! But what if you could give more money in addition to your time? What would that be like for you? All of my clients want to give more, but they are often hindered by a lack of time and a lack of money. Selling more and making more money can give you your time back so you can donate more time as well as money. If you had more money, who would you give it to? How much would you give? Answering those questions will help you stay on track and keep calling, even on the days you want to give up.

4. In the end, you will KNOW that selling is much easier than you ever thought it might be. If there’s one thing that I hear over and over again from my clients who attend Sales Camp (our two-day sales course), it’s that selling is much easier than they thought it would ever be. Once you “get it,” you will never look back. You will be able to call the prospect (yup, the one that scares you beyond belief) in spite of your fear. Your new belief will be, “Selling really is easy.” Who would you call if you believed selling was easy?

5. Your confidence will soar.  When you “know” how to sell, you will be confident beyond belief. And, the more confident you become, the more you will sell. People will see your confidence and they will be so certain that you can solve their problem that they will be throwing credit cards at you. Seriously, that’s what happens when your confidence grows. Plus, rejections will not shake you and you will be able to clearly communicate no matter what objection comes up. You will also discover that “no” might actually mean “not yet,” and you will schedule the next step rather than crossing them off your list. Who are three prospects you would love to sell to? That’s what confidence can do.

You wouldn’t be reading this article in this moment if you weren’t ready to transform your life through selling. It’s time. Take advantage of the opportunity that’s right in front of you. Implement the steps above and leap to your next level of success!