5 Steps to Take a Quantum Leap

Do you know what it means to take a Quantum Leap in your sales?

  • A thousand dollar per month business exploding to a million dollar enterprise within a year – that is quantum.
  • Doubling and tripling your sales in less than 90 days -that is quantum.
  • Growing your business from the seed of an idea to $35,000 per month in less than 90 days – that is quantum.

In short, the “unimaginable” becoming a reality – that is what it means to go Quantum.

So many people that I’m working with now are right on the verge of making this leap! They’re just missing one thing and they are right there, 3 feet from gold.

If that is you – if you want to make your sales and business go Quantum, make sure you do these five steps:

#1: Shift Your Belief.

Don’t miss this. Don’t skip over it, and don’t underestimate it, thinking it’s cliche or that you’ve heard it before. Because this is key: it’s what I teach on more than anything else. This is the core of a quantum leap. Nothing else will change – even if you have all the proper pieces in place – without a shift in your belief. It makes everything else work.

Most people have limiting beliefs – and many times they don’t even realize it! Furthermore, they don’t know where their limiting beliefs even came from. I see salespeople struggle with:

  • Selling is hard
  • I’m being perceived as pushy
  • Nobody will pay that much for my service / product
  • I don’t deserve to achieve
  • I hate sales
  • I’m afraid of the phone
  • There’s no way I can double my sales
  • I’m not an expert
  • I don’t deserve to make that much money
  • I’m all alone

Do any of those look familiar to you?

Find your limiting beliefs, then change them. Once your limiting beliefs are identified, replaced, and changed, you’ll go Quantum – and your sales and business will explode.

Here’s the best news: a shift in beliefs – the most crucial piece to going quantum – can happen immediately.

#2: Set a Quantum Goal.

What’s the biggest goal you can think of for your sales? Great.

Now double it.

Your goals need to feel bigger than you – if your goal doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough. So make it bigger. Double it. And once you go Quantum, your “big” goal will suddenly feel very small.

Your big goals should require you to shift your beliefs. Who ever achieved anything substantial by thinking small?

#3: Be Accountable and Supported.

Have you heard the sticks analogy? If you have just one stick, it takes very little force to break it. A bundle of sticks, however, is nearly unbreakable.

Are you trying to handle everything solo? If you are, who can you add to your support team? If you’re trying to go at it alone, you’ll come across a struggle, and stumble. We all need people in our corner encouraging us on.

Sales Coach Now would not be what it is without the support people making it a reality. Even I need someone to hold me accountable and keep me on track. I call her my quitting partner. Every time I feel like quitting, I call her and announce to her once again that I’m quitting.

Her response? “Ok. Do it. So, what will you do next?”

Then I realize once again that I am, in fact, living my dream. And I come around, persevere through a challenge, and emerge stronger on the other side. But sometimes I need a push to get to that other side.

Without that support person – as well as several others – there were several times that I may have come close to quitting.

So, who’s holding you up?

#4: Be Open to Receive.

You’re going quantum, so you’ve got all these sales coming to you – how are you ever going to receive them if you aren’t poised to?

Consider this. The phrase “It’s better to give than to receive” does not equate to “receiving is evil.” Yes, it’s certainly better to give than to receive. But how can you have an attitude of expectation to receive increased sales when your ability to receive is impaired?

#5: Make a Commitment to Yourself…and Your Target Clients.

Remember, your target clients NEED what you have to offer them! They are waiting for it – which means they are waiting for you. When you commit to increasing your sales, you are committing to serve your clients what they need! Making a commitment to both yourself and your target clients also gives you accountability outside simply yourself.

Which one of these steps might you be missing?! Because once you get them, you’ll go Quantum.

  • Ann says:

    Thanks Ursula for the great wisdom! I’ll be “off the grid” for a week and am taking these 5 steps with me to work on!

  • Chrissy Rasmussen says:

    Thank you for sharing! This is exactly what I needed to hear today! I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you and to be able to follow you!

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    this is wonderful

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