5 Lessons I’ve Learned About The Value Of Slowing Down

Last week, I fell. 

It wasn’t the first fall I’ve had this year. During the wintertime I slipped on the ice and sprained my elbow. I recovered fairly quickly and was back into the swing of my life.

This time, however, I didn’t fare as well. 

During a rainstorm, I was running in sandals at home. Unexpectedly, the tip of my sandal caught the sidewalk – and down I went. I still had the mental fortitude and mother’s instinct in that half of a second to think of my son’s reaction at the sight of my falling. I knew he would be frightened if I hit my head, so I twisted a bit and landed hard on my left wrist. 

That fall was enough to break my wrist.

Right now, I’m waiting to find out if the break was severe enough to require surgery. I’m praying and intending that it will not, and I am certain that within time I’ll recover just fine. 

Now, it would be REALLY easy for me to be discouraged. I am a mom, a speaker, a writer, and a coach. I work with my hands all the time and right now, I admit to feel a bit stranded. Typically, I take some pride in momentum, high energy, balance, and productivity. I teach others how to do the same! And yet, right now, I am somewhat limited in what I am able to do.

When I shared my plight with my Facebook community, there were no lack of suggestions from good friends to slow down. 

SLOW DOWN? At first, I admit I bristled a bit at this suggestion. I like living a rather fast paced life! I thrive on the energy of my family and my work! 

But I concede. I am taking some time to rest and recover. I believe that nothing happens by accident, and I’m intentionally choosing to learn something from this experience. I’m slowing down for the sake of recovery and I’m finding more valuable life lessons with each passing day. In that process, I’m seeing more and more reasons to be grateful. 

So I offer you these top 5 lessons I’ve learned from this experience so far:

  1. I need to slow down my thoughts.
    My thoughts often move faster than my spirit and human body. There is value in slowing my thoughts to make space for the good ideas to truly develop roots and thrive. I can become more in tune with my intuition rather than being distracted by the incessant chatter of new ideas! 
  1. Whatever “IT” is, it really can wait.
    Our society lives by the clock, correct? “Time is money” they say. The implication in this statement is that, if you aren’t doing something RIGHT NOW, you’re wasting time.

    But, my friends, spending some time intentionally allowing yourself to rest is NOT wasted time.

    In fact, during rest times, you can often times stand back and let the universe do the heavy lifting for you. In other words, if you’re generally moving forward, your productivity will not suffer because you choose to take a much needed break.

  2. It is not just okay to ask for more and more help, it is essential for growth and expansion.
    I have spoken about this before because I feel so strongly about it. You (and obviously I), simply cannot do it all alone! Usually when I talk about this, I’m referring to delegating jobs within your business as a strategy to expand your productivity and maximize talents.

    However, this advice applies to all areas of life. I don’t think we were ever meant to do life alone. And even now, I’m learning this on a moment by moment basis as I ask for lots of help! I am getting a moment by moment reminder that it’s okay to do just that.

You see, when I pull back, others step up to shine. Along those same lines, I’m hyper aware today that I’m surrounded by incredible people. 

  1. I have a lot of reasons to be grateful.
    For example:
    I am super grateful that I didn’t hit my head and that it was my left wrist and not my right. 

I am also grateful that I can type pretty fast with my right thumb on my phone! 

I’m grateful for my neighbor, my son, my medical team, my husband, and my Sales Coach Now staff that has all been super supportive as I step back for a while and intentionally recover.

  1. 80% is enough.
    Giving 100% all the time is a perfect recipe for burnout. We simply cannot do that and expect good results. 80% effort is enough.

Do you need a rest? If you’re a business owner, you probably do. Don’t wait for a life accident to force you into taking some much needed rest. The 4th quarter of the year starts soon. Prepare, give what you can. But if you’re in a season of life and business that has opened up the opportunity for rest, it would be wise to take it.