3 Ways Gratitude Can Make Your Sales Grow

We live in a society that tells us constantly why we should NOT be content or grateful. Would you agree? The messages we see all around us seem to say: “Don’t be satisfied until you have the next big thing!” The newest phones, latest cars, shiny gadgets, and bigger homes call our names and we subconsciously think, “I’ll finally be fulfilled when…” 

It’s only in this season that we are reminded that it’s beneficial to take pause, reflect, and choose gratitude.

Gratitude is powerful – far more than you might think. You see, gratitude is a state of mind. It can even be called a state of being. It’s far more than a fleeting emotion we pick out from time to time when we can be bothered to send a thank you card.

Yet because we live in such a fast paced society that is never satisfied, gratitude is something we need to be diligent and intentional about. We need to choose it. Rarely will it ever just happen upon us accidentally.

And yes – gratitude can affect your sales in a very real and tangible way.

There are many layers to the effects that choosing gratitude can have on your life and your sales, but these are my top three:

  1. It takes the focus off of yourself and your sales goals. 

    A watched pot never boils, right?.

    For instance, I remember once having a really bad month in sales. (We’ve all had these down times!) It was excruciating and I had to borrow from my credit line which significantly added to my stress.

    But finally I realized that focusing on the debt wasn’t helping! So I started making gratitude lists again and I refocused on serving our clients (who I am super grateful for!) at the highest level. And boom – our sales turned around FAST!

  2. You receive what you focus on.

    Your subconscious mind will always go in the direction that you are consciously thinking. And where your subconscious mind goes, your actions cannot help but follow. Your actions ultimately create your outcomes and results.

    In other words, when you focus on what you are grateful for, you get MORE of that – rather than getting more of the problem at hand.

    So I intentionally chose to focus on what was positive. What was happening that I had reason to be grateful for?

    I had clients, a solid foundation of infrastructure for my business, prospects, accountability, and support. I also had my family, my health, and a beautiful life. I had so much to be grateful for!

    I chose to stop fearing the thought of “What if I have to use the credit line again?” The truth? That’s businessoh well! And the less I worry about that, more clients who we can help continue to show up!

    I will say that being grateful did not magically erase the frustration of having to use that line of credit. But it sure gave me hope that I had every reason to believe I could come out of it! And when I intentionally thought about everything I had to be grateful for, that was where my energy was spent – and business grew again quickly!

  3. Your perspective shifts.

    When you choose gratitude, you realize that things are actually pretty good, and since you created all of it, you can create even more.

    Don’t miss this because that’s POWERFUL. It allows you to take ownership of EVERYTHING that is in your life—the good and the not so good.

    It even allows you to take control of your perception of events and “problems” that may arise. When you choose gratitude, you may find that not everything is actually as problematic as it may seem. And as you gain control of your creation muscle, you begin to flow more easily with life again and the opportunities will continue to flow!

It’s November – the perfect time to practice choosing gratitude. Make a list – what are you blessed with? What can you CHOOSE to be grateful for?