3 Sales Mindset Breakthroughs You Need NOW

Breakthrough Newspaper Headline Big Announcement DiscoveryThis year is already full speed ahead for me and my team!  I’ve had speaking engagements in California and Minnesota. No matter where I go, entrepreneurs and sales professionals are struggling with the same things: fear, limiting beliefs and just not knowing what to do next.

The economy seems to be going strong. So, compared to the recession, you would automatically think people would be doing better.

But they aren’t.

And when they weren’t doing well during the recession, it wasn’t about the recession anyway.

It was about their mindset and where they were getting stuck.

But, please note, I don’t want you to beat yourself up about not reaching your sales goals. It’s NOT about that. What it IS about is developing an awareness of where you are getting stuck so you can figure out how to shift it.

I’m going to share three of the top Sales Mindset Breakthroughs and I hope one (or more) of them will help you make a shift so 2015 can be your best year yet.

Sales Mindset Breakthrough #1: Your #1 Limiting Belief About Sales is the EXACT Place You Stop During the Sales Conversation.

When I speak to a large group of entrepreneurs or sales professionals, I love to ask, “How many of you would like to double or triple your sales this year?” Inevitably, most of the people in the room raise their hands.  However, when I ask, “How many of you are willing to do whatever it takes to double or triple your sales this year?”  Only about 50% of the hands go up.  Of the hands that DO go up, they go up very slowly and very painfully.


Because underlying this dream of doubling or tripling your sales is a belief that is in direct conflict with that goal. For example, even though you might want to double or triple your sales, when you think about the first thing you need to do, you come up against a reason, or belief, to not move forward.  You might think, “Yes, I’d love to move forward, but I don’t want people to perceive me as pushy.”  If that is your limiting belief, that people will perceive you as pushy if you call them or follow up multiple times, then you might not pick up the phone and you definitely won’t ask for the money.

What is your #1 limiting belief about selling?  Notice how it stops you.  Are you ready to let go of that limiting belief so you can reach your sales goal?  Make a decision right now to let go of that limiting belief so it no longer stops you.

Sales Mindset Breakthrough #2: The “Thing” You Are Resisting Most is the Next Thing to Do.

Once you release your #1 limiting belief about selling, then it’s time to bust through to the next level. So, again, think about your sales stretch goal.  Imagine that you have achieved that sales goal. Now, imagine a timeline in your mind that goes from the achieved sales goal all the way back to the first step.  What is the first step (using your imagination) that you took to reach your goal?

That’s your first step.

Now, are you willing to take that first step.

Most people aren’t. We usually resist taking that first step that is right in front of us. We know what it is.  We know exactly what it is. But we usually don’t want to take it because it scares us in some way.

The key is to take that first step—the one right in front of you—regardless of how much fear you feel. If you can take that step in spite of your fear, your sales stretch goal will come to you faster than you can imagine.

Sales Mindset Breakthrough #3: You Really Aren’t A Salesperson.

Feeling relieved? Good!  One of the number one issues for sales professionals and entrepreneurs is that they have so many negative beliefs and connotations associated with being a salesperson. Once you break through #1 and #2 (above), then it’s time to work through this old mindset about salespeople.

“Well, Ursula,” you ask, “if I’m not a sales person, then what am I?”

You, my friend, are a Persistent Problem Solver (PPS). And if you are persistent, then you aren’t pushy either. Do you see how this new belief clears out #1, #2 and #3 for you?

Because, if you can believe deeply that you are a PPS who gets paid well, and not a salesperson, who would you be willing to pick up the phone and call? And who would you call after that? And after that? Create a list of the top ten individuals or companies you would call and begin calling today.

Which one of these sales mindset breakthroughs resonated with you? (Maybe it was all three.) Why?

Now that you have the awareness, the next step is to take the next step that’s in front of you. I encourage you to take that step you haven’t wanted to take, so you can have a complete breakthrough.

I’ve quoted Eleanor Roosevelt many times because she has sage advice. She said, “You must do that thing you think you cannot do.”  That’s the next step and I promise you there is peace and prosperity on the other side!