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5 Intentional Habits to Double Your Sales

“What you do every single day matters.”  — Ursula Mentjes (00:50-00:53) The process of selling and scaling is overwhelming. The reality that many entrepreneurs need to face is there’s no easy way to take your business to the next level. It takes considerable effort. If you’re struggling to grow your business, there is light at…

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Scale Your Business with Rebekah Hall

“Courage means you don’t let  fear stop you.” — Rebekah Hall (07:57-08:08) It’s normal for entrepreneurs to feel stuck in the process of growing their business. But sometimes it takes a new set of eyes to help you find ways to re-energize and get back on track. You don’t need to be in the business…

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How to Get More Sales with Actionable Steps

“There’s no one-size-fits-all sales strategy.”  — Ursula Mentjes (05:38-05:46) Businesses want to maximize their profits, but many entrepreneurs struggle to increase sales. How can you take your purchases to the next level? There are specific tips, mindset shifts, tools, and strategies that you need to put into action to double your sales. In this week’s…

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