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Common Sales Objections And How To Handle Them

“An Objection Is A Buying Signal.” — Ursula Mentjes (08:47-08:49) Most successful sales professionals and entrepreneurs understand that selling is a skill. It’s a skill that anyone can learn. And once you know it and you’re aware of what it takes to sell, then you have the knowledge forever. In this week’s episode, Ursula Mentjes…

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Selling the Invisible: Five Steps To Sell What You Cannot See

“The truth is if you sell a service, you’re solving a problem for someone.”  — Ursula Mentjes (04:21-04:26) Many entrepreneurs are struggling to sell their intangible services. Some are uncertain about what sales strategy they can use. But there’s a simple process that makes sales conversations with clients more comfortable. In this week’s episode, Ursula…

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Solid and Effective Business Operations with Melanie Buhl

Over the years Melanie has worked for many small companies in a wide variety of industries from construction to a public health firm in various roles from sales, to project manager. Working for such small companies, she was able to take a deep dive into their processes. She has a natural ability for figuring out…

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The Top Three Ways To Be A Student Of Success In 2020

Have you ever really studied what “success” really means? It’s a rather elusive topic because it’s a term that can too easily be interpreted a number of ways. It doesn’t necessarily always look the same for everyone.  One person may define success in terms of their relationships and connections. Someone else may say success starts…

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Reach Greater Heights in Business with Ron Hurst

To reach greater heights in business, you have to get through limiting beliefs around money to scale. Do the work and focus on the new idea. The second you start to see evidence to support the new belief, the easier it is to get rid of a limiting belief. You don’t have to choose between…

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