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How to Scale Your Business by Releasing Limiting Beliefs

“Selling Is A Skill That Anyone Can Learn.”  — Ursula Mentjes (08:37-08:40) Sales is a valuable life skill that is not routinely taught. Most of the time, sales professionals receive basic training to provide them with a quick initial boost in the job. Unfortunately, these training methods only work short-term, if at all. The defeated…

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Top Sales Techniques That Build Powerful Relationships with Chas Wilson

When it comes to failing businesses, it’s often not what you’re doing, but when. Chas Wilson believes there are sequential strategies that all local businesses should follow in order to reach their fullest potential.  In this conversation with Ursula Mentjes, Chas shares some of his top sales techniques to build powerful relationships and expand your…

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Denise Lessert is one of the best agents

I am Denise Lessert.  Married to Dan Mertz and I have 4 beautiful children.  I have lived in MN for 10 years and am from Louisiana.  I graduated with a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and worked as a care coordinator in the rehabilitation industry for 9 years before leaving that career to get into sales. …

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How To Schedule Your BEST Year NOW

In your business as well as your life, how far ahead do you need to plan your activities in order to feel like you are in command of your schedule? In other words, how far ahead do you plan your productivity?  A day?  A week?  Do you plan your sales quarter?  Or do you pencil…

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