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Confronting Your Subconscious Blocks with Mee Vaj

Whether you know it or not, childhood has a major subconscious influence in your day-to-day life as an adult. Today’s guest, Mee Vaj, shares how her experiences with war and abuse as a child shaped her limiting beliefs, but also inspired her to grow her own business. As a refugee, Mee endured many hardships, which…

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Using Speaking to Expand Your Companies’ Reach with Ross Bernstein

The best-selling author of nearly FIFTY SPORTS BOOKS, he’s an award-winning, Hall of Fame, peak-performance, business speaker who’s keynoted conferences on ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS and has been featured on CNN, “CBS-This-Morning,” ESPN, and Fox News, as well as in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today. His mission today is to get…

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An international businesswoman Heidrun Ziche

An international businesswoman with years of experience in leadership of a large organization, Heidrun unlocks individual and organizational growth to ensure sustainable professional success.  She shares her broad business experience and unique combination of interpersonal and professional skills to help executives move to the next level and achieve more than they thought possible. Being an…

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