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Creating Services That Deliver Intrinsic Value to Your Customers and Business with Dr. Sara Barber and Dan Bakker

Today’s guests, Dr. Sara Barber and Dan Bakker, are co-owners of Foundation Livestock Service. They use their collective knowledge from 34 years of veterinary and production experience to assist beef and dairy clients in enhancing their production and profitability.  Both Sara and Dan share insight on what they have had to overcome in order to…

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Overcome Your Fear of Selling with LaVonne Shields

As an entrepreneur, numbers can often be daunting, but LaVonne Shields is here to help. LaVonne is a business accountability coach and accounting strategist. She also serves as an expert for the Inland Empire Women’s Business Center in San Bernardino, a QuickBooks instructor for the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and uses her expertise to…

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How To Put The Law Of Reverse Effort To Work For You

Last month, I shared in my newsletter that I had broken my wrist, and that I was going to use that experience as a teaching tool. I’m grateful for the things I learned and experienced, though being forced to slow down has been, admittedly, more difficult than I imagined.  And yet, in those moments where…

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Build an Authentic High Revenue Company with Debbie Allen

Building an authentic, high revenue company takes hard work, but anyone can do it, and sometimes, more than once! Debbie Allen is a diverse entrepreneur who has sold 6 million-dollar companies, is an internationally recognized business growth strategist and speaker, and a published author. Debbie is ranked as one of the top 3% professional women…

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